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  • Exciting news for
    fans! Prime Video has ordered a second spin-off from the
    universe, focusing on LAPD detective Renée Ballard.
  • The new series will follow Ballard as she sets up a poorly funded cold case division and uncovers a larger conspiracy, with the help of retired ally Harry Bosch.
  • Bosch: Legacy,
    the first spin-off, just finished its second season and the promise of Welliver’s Bosch joining Ballard adds authenticity to the show.

There’s exciting news for all us Bosch fans out there — we’re getting more of the world’s grumpiest justice-seeker. Amazon’s Prime Video has officially ordered a second spin-off from the universe of Bosch, inspired by the novels by Michael Connelly. The latest series will zone in on the new character — to the screen, at least — of Renée Ballard, an LAPD detective who’s a major character in several novels. Bosch: Legacy, the first spin-off from Bosch, which follows the post-retirement exploits of Titus Welliver‘s Harry Bosch, just wrapped up its second season on Freevee.

The new series — first mooted in February — is set to follow Ballard as she sets up a new cold case division within the Los Angeles Police Department. The problem? It’s poorly funded, filled with volunteers, and the team is tasked with the largest case load in the city. As the show’s logline states:

“She approaches these frozen-in-time cases with empathy and determination. When she uncovers a larger conspiracy during her investigations, she’ll lean on the assistance of her retired ally, Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver), to navigate the dangers that threaten both her unit and her life.”

“From books to screen, Michael Connelly creates authentic and suspenseful stories, led by distinctive characters who make audiences care and connect. Renée Ballard is one of those characters,” said Lauren Anderson, head of AVOD originals, unscripted and targeted programming at Amazon MGM Studios. “She instantly captivated readers with hints of a troubled past and a protective layer of idiosyncrasies she developed to survive. We look forward to expanding the Bosch universe with Michael and introducing viewers to Ballard’s personal approach to pursuing justice.”

Who Is Playing Renée Ballard, and What Can We Expect?

Maggie Q as Iraq war veteran Tess in Fear the Night
Image via Quiver Distribution

On March 21st, it was officially confirmed that Maggie Q would be assuming the role of Renée Ballard in the spin-off which, as of now, still remains untitled. But crucially, we did get some vital details about what to expect. Firstly, we know that Titus Welliver will be part of the series. We’re not yet sure which of the Ballard novels will be adapted first but there are a host of them to choose from. The Renée Ballard series by Connelly is comprised, at the time of writing, of six novels. Revolving around Ballard, the character made her first appearance in the 2017 novel The Late Show, the name given to the night shift that Ballard initially works for the LAPD. This was followed up with Dark Sacred Night in 2018, The Night Fire in 2019, The Dark Hours in 2021, and Desert Star in 2022. The series’ next installment, entitled The Waiting, is set to be published on November 5th. Remember, remember that date.

What is ‘Bosch’ About?

Cold cases and Bosch have a long history — the first season of the show revolved around a decades-old mystery of the murder of a young boy, who did it, and what happened to those individuals involved in the story. It became an obsession for Bosch, as did the murder of his mother, which occurred when he was a teenager.

The series has always ensured those who die get answers, while the characters in the show are always driven to do the right thing and bring justice to those who deserve it. All of this sounds extremely promising, and the promise of Welliver’s Bosch lending his expertise on the cases is a tantalizing carrot to add a layer of authenticity to the show.

The latest season of Bosch: Legacy can be seen on Amazon Freevee now. We’ll bring you updates on the latest spin-off when it becomes available.

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