• Titanic
    ‘s iconic door sold at auction for $718,750, making it a prized prop from the legendary film.
  • The
    prop sold for a higher price than iconic props from
    Indiana Jones
    The Shining
  • MythBusters
    tested if Jack could’ve fit on the door back in 2012, adding fuel to the fire for the fan theory that Jack could have fit.



The door from Titanic has sold at an auction for a massive price. Since its release in 1997, James Cameron’s Titanic has remained one of the most successful films to ever grace the screen. At the time of writing, Titanic is the fourth-highest grossing of all time at the worldwide box office, losing out only to Avengers: Endgame and Cameron’s own Avatar and Avatar: The Way of Water.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the door Kate Winslet survives on from Titanic has been sold at an auction. The famous prop was auctioned off for a price of $718,750 at the Heritage Auctions’ Treasures from Planet Hollywood event. By price, it outsold other famous props including Indiana Jones’s whip from The Temple of Doom and the ax from The Shining. The chiffon dress worn by Winslet in the film also sold at the auction, for a comparatively lower $125,000.

How the Size of the Titanic Door Became Such a Source of Debate

Jack Rose

The Titanic door becomes relevant at the climax of the film. After being catapulted from the sinking ship, Jack and Rose are freezing in the waters of the Atlantic. Rose grabs onto a door, and the pair quickly realizes that Jack cannot fit on this door. In the ultimate romantic sacrifice, Jack lets Rose hang onto the door as he faces his hypothermic death in the water.

won 11 Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director.

For years, this door scene became the cause of one key factual contention: that Jack could have fit on the door. This fact was tested on MythBusters, a show dedicated to using science and testing to debunk popular myths from the media and cultural zeitgeist. In a 2012 episode, MythBusters concluded that Jack and Rose could both have plausibly fit on the Titanic door based on its size.


Titanic: What Happened To The REAL Rose, Beatrice Wood

James Cameron’s Titanic is a fictionalized love story set on the tragic 1912 voyage, but Kate Winslet’s Rose was partially based on a real person.

This did not stop Cameron from defending Titanic and its final moments. In February 2023, Cameron performed a series of filmed tests to see whether Jack could fit on the door. These tests also concluded that Jack might have been able to live had he and Rose tried to work to get Jack to the door. The ongoing cultural obsession with the Titanic door probably contributed to its high price point for the auction, though the sum is still astronomical.

Source: THR

Titanic poster


Titanic is the 1997 blockbuster romantic/disaster epic based on the events surrounding the sinking of the legendary “unsinkable” vessel. Flashing back to the past and forward to the present, the film primarily follows the stories of the well-to-do and somewhat timid Rose and the poor but lively Jack, star-crossed lovers who meet aboard the doomed ship. In addition, the film tells true and fictionalized accounts of the passengers of the RMS Titanic, with an older Rose recounting her tale to the crew of a research ship. 

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