• Fear Street 4
    is a standalone sequel to the successful trilogy, adapted from R.L. Stine’s 1992 novel.
  • The star-studded new cast of
    Fear Street 4
    includes Katherine Waterston, Lili Taylor, and rising talents from TV and film.
  • The upcoming movie, subtitled
    The Prom Queen,
    is set in 1988 and follows a chilling story of missing prom queens and an unexpected outsider.



Fear Street 4 adds an Alien franchise star and seven more actors. After the Fear Street film trilogy, based on the books by R.L. Stine, was released over three consecutive weeks in July 2021 and was a success with critics and audiences, Netflix decided to extend the horror franchise with a standalone sequel that will act as an extension of the original trilogy. Fear Street 4, based on Stine’s 1992 novel The Prom Queen, was adapted to the screen by Donald McLeary and will be directed by Matt Palmer.

Now, Netflix has announced the Fear Street 4 cast, and its eight stars are India Fowler, Suzanna Son, Fina Strazza, David Iacono, Ella Rubin, Chris Klein, Lili Taylor, and Katherine Waterston.

In addition to the cast announcement, Netflix also unveiled the first official synopsis for Fear Street 4, which is subtitled The Prom Queen. Read the synopsis below:

Set in 1988, prom season is underway and the It Girls are competing for the crown. Until an outsider gets nominated and the other girls start mysteriously disappearing…


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Where You Know The Fear Street 4 Cast

Many of the newly announced cast members for Fear Street 4 should already be recognizable to audiences from their roles in other movies and TV shows. Waterston is best known as Daniels from Alien: Covenant and for her role as Tina Goldstein in the Harry Potter prequel, the Fantastic Beasts trilogy. The remaining seven stars may not have any comparable blockbuster roles under their belts, though the cast is surely stacked with talent.

Fear Street 4 Cast Member

Best Known For:

Fina Strazza

Paper Girls

David Iacono

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Ella Rubin

The Idea of You

Chris Klein

Sweet Magnolias

Taylor is perhaps the most distinguished name of the Fear Street 4 cast, having received three Emmy nominations for her performances in The X-Files, HBO’s Six Feet Under, and American Crime season 2. She currently stars in Outer Range. With fewer credits to her name, Son broke onto the scene with a risqué role in Sean Baker’s Red Rocket and returned with a role in HBO’s The Idol. Fowler is also best known for her role in an HBO series, having starred in Joss Whedon’s The Nevers.

Fear Street 4
release date hasn’t been announced.

Source: Netflix/Twitter/X

R.L. Stine's Fear Street Poster

Fear Street 4

Following Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy, the streamer announced in November 2023 that a fourth film was officially in development. Fear Street 4 will adapt one of R.L. Stine’s standalone Fear Street Novels.

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