Magneto does make some good points.

The Big Picture

  • The new
    X-Men ’97
    poster resonates with the ongoing theme of mutant rights, especially from Magneto’s point of view.
  • Episode 5 of X-Men ’97 tackles the issue of violence in safe spaces, reflecting real-world events.
  • The series is mirroring current comic storylines, with Magneto becoming a more prominent figure and the X-Men team becoming more radicalized.

Marketing materials for Disney+’s X-Men ‘97 have proven that the animated series has not lost its touch. One recent poster shared to X shows that X-Men continues to stay on brand with its message. The new image is a simple purple background with block letters emblazoned on the front: “Magneto Is Right.” This message has been a constant theme for X-Men in comics and film. To many, Erik Lehnsherr seems like a megalomaniac. The Master of Magnetism crusades for mutant rights by fighting a war against humanity. But the more time passes, the more Magneto’s methods don’t seem so far out of left field. And the more X-Men ’97 leads into the trope of complicated villains.

Magneto’s perspective comes from an understandable place. As a survivor of the Holocaust, he understands the evils that humanity is capable of when it comes to persecuting people who are different from those in power. The X-Men believed in a different course. As depicted in X-Men: The Animated Series, working with humanity through peace is the only way. This dichotomy occurred throughout the history of X-Men because it is present throughout human history as well. X-Men has always been a reflection of current events. But Charles Xavier’s dreams of unity seem more and more distant and Magneto’s vision of radical behavior seems more and more reasonable.

Episode 5 Increased the Stakes of ‘X-Men ‘97’

Magneto’s methods never seemed more necessary than in Episode 5 of X-Men ‘97. The episode is a clear allegory for the violence in supposedly safe spaces in the modern era. Former showrunner for the series, Beau DeMayo, recently broke his social media silence to comment on this. Places like the nightclub, Pulse, in Orlando, Florida were the victim of hate and this occurs in the mutant haven of Genosha in Episode 5. The X-Men experience real-world consequences of humanity’s vitriol when they lose two of their fellow mutants.

One of those mutants is Magneto. In recent episodes, he has become a leader of authority for the X-Men characters. Because it was Xavier’s last wish for him to take over the X-Mansion, Magneto tries to abide by his wish for peace. That wish wasn’t granted in this episode. Instead, the series is starting to mirror the events of the current run of comics. Magneto and the X-Men join up because the superhero team has become more radicalized. While social healing is certainly a concept that has a lot of merit, fans can all agree on one thing. Magneto was right about the actions of humanity. Rest in peace, Erik. You will be missed. But hopefully not for long.

New episodes of X-Men ’97 hit Disney+ on Wednesdays. Check out the poster below:

Poster for X-Men '97

X-Men ’97

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