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  • Melissa Roxburgh has joined the cast of
    as Dory, Colter Shaw’s sister.
  • Dory has only been seen in the series as a child in a scene where audiences learn that their father died a mysterious death, seemingly killed by their brother.
  • Roxburgh is known for her role in
    and is expected to appear in multiple episodes of

Viewers first learned of Colter Shaw’s (Justin Hartley) family in the series premiere of Tracker. There have been some references to Colter’s brother, and his mother has been seen, but nothing about his sister, Dory, has been said since the night their father met a tragic death. Today, Hartley revealed via Instagram that Dory will appear in the coming episodes as he introduced a new cast member, Manifest alumn Melissa Roxburgh. Hartley also welcomed Roxburgh to the show in the post’s caption, saying, “Colter finally reunites with his little sister Dory in the coming weeks. Join me in welcoming the lovely and talented @mroxburgh to the @trackercbs family!”

The last time viewers saw Dory was on a rainy night when their father “fell” off a cliff when Russell went after him. The family had been living in the Sierra National Forest, where their parents had moved them and taught them survival skills. On the night in question, Colter’s father, Ashton, became extremely paranoid and ran out of the house as heavy rain fell outside, but Colter’s brother ran after him. Colter would follow them later, but he found his father had fallen down a cliff, and it was heavily insinuated that Russell had pushed him. In the present timeline, Russel has attempted to contact Colter, who was advised to avoid him by their mother. There has been no mention of Dory, even indirectly, by other characters, begging the question about what happened to her. The good news is she’s alive!

Who Is Melissa Roxburgh?

See the new set image shared by Hartley below.

Roxburgh is best known for her role in Manifest as Michaela Stone, one of the people who went missing for five and a half years while on a commercial flight. The show aired on NBC for three seasons, but the network cancelled it. Manifest found a second life on Netflix, and after debuting to impressive numbers, the streamer renewed it for a fourth and final season. Roxburgh made her directorial debut on the show in the episode “Lift/Drag.” Before her television roles, she had parts in two Diary of a Wimpy Kid films in 2011 and 2012.

On Tracker, Hartley stars as Colter Shaw, a lone survivalist who travels around the country finding missing people for rewards. The series is based on Jeffrey Deavers‘ novel The Never Game. After performing well continuously for CBS, the show was renewed for a second season. Live broadcasts average 6-7 million viewers. The show also stars Fiona Rene (Fire Country) as Reenie, Abby McEnany and Robin Weigert star as Velma and Teddi, respectively. Eric Graise (Step Up: High Water) stars as Bob, while Mary McDonnell (The Fall of the House of Usher) plays Colter’s mother, Mary Dove Shaw.

Catch an all-new episode of Tracker on Sundays at 9 PM ET on CBS.

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