Zack Snyder has revealed why Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice followed Man of Steel in the DCEU instead of a straight sequel in a new interview.

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  • Zack Snyder made Batman v Superman in DCEU to explore Batman’s response to events in Man of Steel.
  • Snyder felt the need to delve into Bruce Wayne’s take on near-destruction of the world by Superman.
  • Director prioritized exploring Batman’s role in the Trinity over making a direct sequel to Man of Steel.



The director of Man of Steel, Zack Snyder, has explained why he made Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the DCEU instead of a straight sequel. Before its demise, Zack Snyder was one of the DCEU’s main players, directing every movie that starred Superman and producing several others. Ultimately, his tenure was marred by the mixed reactions to Batman v Superman, which immediately followed the largely well-received Man of Steel instead of a Man of Steel 2.

In an interview with GQ (via YouTube), Zack Snyder revealed his reasoning for the move, suggesting that he couldn’t hold off on what Batman’s response to the events of Man of Steel would have been. The full quote is as follows:

Once you talk about the fact that Bruce Wayne exists in the same world as Superman, right? Then you are into a Batman concept. You have to finish that thought. Now, Man of Steel 2, if you were to make it, you know with Brainiac or whatever you’re gonna do, which it certainly could have been…and maybe that’s it, you hold it off for a movie, and that’s possible. I just felt like I needed to know what Bruce’s take on this was, like, Bruce’s take on the near-destruction of the world. And it really depends on how important you think Batman is in the Trinity

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