• Apple TV+ drops the riveting trailer for the historical thriller
    The Big Cigar,
    based on Huey P. Newton’s escape plot to Cuba.
  • The star-studded cast includes André Holland, Alessandro Nivola, and Tiffany Boone, promising an exciting story.
  • The trailer teases a mostly true account of lesser-known aspects of the Black Panther leader’s life in this biographical drama.

Apple TV+ drops the first official trailer for its new Argo-esque historical thriller, The Big Cigar, which is based on a true story. The series will premiere on the platform on May 17. It follows the incredible story of Huey P. Newton (André Holland), the founder of the Black Panther Party who once formed an elaborate plot to flee to Cuba while awaiting a murder trial in the United States. The show also has an impressive team behind it, with Don Cheadle, Janine Sherman Barrois, and Joshuah Bearman serving as executive producers.

Ahead of The Big Cigar‘s premiere, Apple TV+ dropped the first thrilling official trailer. Check it out below:

The trailer sees Newton’s pursuit of his revolutionary vision disrupted when he is declared an “enemy of the state,” sparking a nationwide manhunt in America. He begins forming a plan to escape along with an unlikely ally: Hollywood. The trailer goes on to tease an action-packed and wild escape plan that involves one devoted producer and a fake movie production.

What To Expect From The Big Cigar

The Big Cigar Has An Exciting Cast & Story

André Holland as Black Panther Leader Huey P. Newton looking unsettled in a studio in The Big Cigar

If The Big Cigar feels reminiscent of the 2012 historical thriller Argo, it’s because the projects bear a small connection. Apple TV+’s new show is based on the 2013 Playboy article of the same name by Bearman, who also wrote one of the articles that inspired Argo: “The Great Escape: How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans from Tehran.” Argo and The Big Cigar are entirely different stories, but they ironically share one element: both daring missions they cover were carried out under the guise of a movie production.

The Apple TV+ show will consist of six episodes, which will be released weekly through June 14 after the two-episode premiere. In addition to Moonlight star Holland, it also features SAG Award-winning actor Alessandro Nivola as Hollywood producer Bert Schneider. Nine Perfect Strangers star Tiffany Boone has signed on to portray Gwen Fontaine, who was Newton’s girlfriend at the time they fled to Cuba. The cast also includes P.J. Byrne as Stephen Blauner, Marc Menchaca as Syndey Clark, Moses Ingram as Teressa Dixon, and Noah Emmerich as Stanley Schneider.

Apple TV+ teases The Big Cigar is a “mostly” true story, suggesting it may take some creative liberties. However, it won’t need to take many as it’s truly a stranger-than-fiction tale that not many are familiar with. While the murder charges the Black Panther Party leader faced and the “Free Huey” campaign it sparked is well-known, his elaborate escape plan isn’t as often told. Ultimately, Apple TV+’s The Big Cigar is shaping up to be a fascinating historical thriller that tackles a lesser-known aspect of Huey’s life.

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Andre Holland in The Big Cigar TV Show

The Big Cigar (2024)

The Big Cigar is a biographical drama about Black Panther Leader Huey P. Newton created by Janine Sherman Barrois. The six-episode series stars André Holland along with Alessandro Nivola, Tiffany Boone, and PJ Byrne and is an AppleTV+ exclusive.

Andre Holland , Alessandro Nivola , Tiffany Boone , PJ Byrne , Marc Menchaca , Moses Ingram , Rebecca Dalton , Olli Haaskivi , Jordane Christie , Glynn Turman

Release Date
May 17, 2024


Streaming Service(s)
Apple TV+

Jim Hecht , Joshuah Bearman , Janine Sherman Barrois , Laurence Andries , Ameer Hasan , Gwendolyn M. Parker , Valerie Woods

Janine Sherman Barrois

Janine Sherman Barrois

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