• Ruffalo supports Stone’s request to be called Emily, stating ”
    Okay. We love you, Emily
  • Stone’s choice to use a stage name stemmed from SAG-AFTRA rules due to there being another Emily Stone already in the guild.
  • Stone’s request for her real name comes from a desire to be called by her true identity, not her stage name.

Mark Ruffalo issues a supportive response to his Poor Things co-star Emma Stone‘s request to be called by her full name. Stone and Ruffalo starred in the Yorgos Lanthimos film last year, which took home four wins at the 96th Academy Awards. In the movie, Stone portrays Bella Baxter, a woman with the mind of an infant, who runs off with lawyer Duncan Wedderburn (Ruffalo) on a journey of self-discovery. Ruffalo and Stone received Oscar nominations for their performances, and it seems they’ve struck up a supportive friendship since the movie.

Ruffalo took to X, formerly Twitter, to respond to Stone’s request that she be addressed by her real name, Emily Stone.

Ruffalo’s response to his Poor Things co-star was succinct and supportive, as he wrote, “Okay. We love you, Emily.” He paired the caption with a repost of the interview in which Stone made the request. Stone’s simple request caused a bit of furor from those who weren’t aware she was using a stage name and those who felt the change would be confusing. Hence, Ruffalo’s response was quite refreshing as it demonstrated simple acceptance without any questions asked.

Why Emma Stone Has Been Going By A Stage Name

Bella Baxter (Emma Stone) stands inside a hotel room in a blue puff-sleeve jacket, white ruffle top, and yellow shorts in Poor Things.

Stone’s request to be called by her real name is not as strange as some have made it out to be. The issue came up while Stone and Nathan Fielder were participating in an interview to promote The Curse. Before the interview commenced, Fielder explained that Stone’s real name was Emily but that he often called her Emma in front of those who didn’t know her personally. However, instead of having to think of which name to call her, he established before the interview that he’d simply refer to her as Emily

Stone jumped in to clarify that the interviewer could use whichever name they preferred. However, when questioned how she’d react to a fan calling her Emily, Stone revealed she’d love to just be called by her real name. She got so tired of going by Emma that she eventually began requesting friends to call her Emily. The problem is that the stage name was not Stone’s choice. When she was ready to join the actor’s union, Stone had to comply with SAG-AFTRA rules that held that no two actors could work under the same professional name.


Every Emma Stone Movie Ranked

Oscar winner Emma Stone has starred in a wide range of movies varying in quality, from teen comedies like Easy A to period pieces like The Favourite.

Since there was already an Emily Stone in the actors’ union, the Poor Things star chose the stage name Emma. She’s far from the only actor who has run into this issue, as Michael John Douglas chose the stage name Michael Keaton to comply with the rules, while Michael Andrew Fox chose the stage name Michael J. Fox. It’s understandable why using a stage name one was pushed to take on could get tiring. Hence, it’s wonderful to see some individuals, such as her Poor Things co-star, readily agree to call her by her real name without question.

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