• Screen Rant
    presents the trailer for the upcoming thriller
    Shadow Land,
    starring Jon Voight as a former president.
  • President Wainwright’s dreams add a unique layer to the thriller, questioning his sanity and trustworthiness unlike other presidential films.
  • Director James Banford’s stunt performer background may add an exciting element to
    Shadow Land
    ‘s tension and action sequences.

Shadow Land is a new thriller starring Academy Award winner Jon Voight, and Screen Rant has a first look at the trailer. From Republic Pictures, Shadow Land was directed by James Bamford (Arrow, NCIS: Hawai’i) and written by Ian Corson. The movie tells the story of a former president, played by Voight, who is haunted by dreams of being assassinated and discovers a conspiracy to discredit his presidency.

Screen Rant is happy to present the trailer for Shadow Land, which hints at the kinds of tension, twists, and turns that are a key element of many of the best thriller movies. It also showcases the film’s cast, which—along with Voight—includes Marton Csokas (The Equalizer, The Last Duel) and Rhona Mitra (The Last Ship, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans). Take a look at the trailer, below, and get ready to watch Shadow Land when it is released in select theaters on May 31 and can be seen on digital platforms on June 4.

What Sets Shadow Land Apart From Other Movies About U.S. Presidents

There are many movies about U.S. presidents, but the Shadow Land trailer seems to offer a new twist on the subject in a few ways. The synopsis of the movie states that Voight’s President Wainwright uncovers a conspiracy to discredit his presidency and that he and his advisor work to get to the bottom of it without exposing a crisis from his time in office. The legacy of a former president is an interesting subject to tackle, especially if it has to do with that president reckoning with questionable actions taken while in office.

The other thread that seems to be evident in the trailer above is that of President Wainwright’s dreams. It appears as though the character’s sanity is in question by other characters, if not the audience itself, throughout the movie. With many well-known movies featuring presidents generally portraying them as highly competent or incompetent, the idea of a former president whose mind may or may not be trusted is relatively unique to Shadow Land.

James Bamford also likely approached Shadow Land with a unique eye given the director’s long history as a stunt performer. His impressive resume as a stunt performer and/or coordinator includes Elysium, X-Men: The Last Stand, Arrow, and Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. Shadow Land doesn’t appear to be as action-packed as movies like White House Down, but when its tension explodes into action of any kind, Banford’s history of working on that side of filmmaking could very well come into play.

Shadow Land

will be released in select theaters on May 31, and will hit digital platforms on June 4.

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