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  • The Clone Wars
    stars Matt Lanter and Dee Bradley Baker debate whether Darth Vader or Chopper had a higher kill count.
  • Chopper’s kills were mostly Imperial officers, while Vader wiped out countless innocent people in the galaxy.
  • The latest animated project,
    Tales of the Empire
    , is streaming now.

One of Star Wars‘ longest running jokes just got an intriguing new angle courtesy of two Rebels and Clone Wars voice actors. Star Wars fans have joked for years that Chopper (C1-10P) has the highest kill count of any character in the entire franchise. In a Rebels & Clones Panel at Fan Expo Philadelphia moderated by Screen Rant‘s Kevin Polowy, Dee Bradley Baker (voice of all the Clones and many other characters) and Matt Lanter (voice of Anakin Skywalker) offered some insight as to who has the higher kill count. Baker, who is credited with 25 voice roles in Rebels alone, teased that fans should “always blame the droid.”

Lanter offered a different perspective. He shifted all the blame away from Anakin Skywalker, saying that “It was Vader, not Anakin.” Regardless of who is at fault for Vader’s many atrocities, it’s an interesting question to ask considering both character’s history. While impossible to precisely calculate, Chopper‘s body count is estimated to be anywhere between 4,000 on the low end, with it perhaps scaling as high as more than 50,000, most of which coming indirectly in the form of sabotage. Vader, on the other hand, likely has a much higher kill count, which some believe ranges into the millions if he’s to be blamed for the planets that were completely decimated by the Death Star.

It’s also important to remember intent in this situation. Chopper was usually working for the Rebellion, and the majority of his kills can be chalked up to stormtroopers or other Imperial officers. However, Darth Vader has wiped out countless innocent people, and is even shown committing unforgivable atrocities in the 2022 series Obi-Wan Kenobi. Regardless, if Chopper has killed tens of thousands of people, those deaths were in service to the Rebellion and the betterment of the galaxy — we support the droid’s rights and wrongs.

What’s Next for ‘Star Wars’ Animation?

The future of Star Wars animation looks quiet at the moment. The recently released Tales of the Empire was the only known animated project on the slate, as all of the franchise’s upcoming movies and series are all live-action. On the bright side, Star Wars often plays things close to the vest with its animated shows, as Tales of the Empire was only announced one month before release. It’s possible that there are several unannounced animated projects currently in development set in a Galaxy Far, Far Away, which will be revealed once the slate takes a more solid form.

Star Wars‘ latest animated series, Tales of the Empire, is now streaming on Disney+. Check out all six episodes and stay tuned to Collider for more coverage of the series.

Star Wars Tales of the Empire TV Show Poster

Star Wars: Tales of the Empire (2024)

Set against the expansive backdrop of the Galactic Empire’s reign, a series of interconnected stories unfolds, revealing the lives and challenges of individuals both upholding and resisting imperial rule. These narratives delve into the heart of the Empire, exposing the personal sacrifices, moral dilemmas, and small victories that contribute to the epic saga of rebellion and authority in the universe.

Release Date
May 4, 2024

Jason Isaacs , Lars Mikkelsen , Meredith Salenger , Rya Kihlstedt , Diana Lee Inosanto , Matthew Wood , Wing T. Chao


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