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  • Pulling double duty by hosting & performing on
    , Dua Lipa’s monologue & cold open set a cool tone for the show.
  • Lipa’s monologue featured funny stories about her parents and her online presence.
  • Kenan Thompson also makes a sketch about the current college protests fun.

Dua Lipa was pulling double duty on this week’s Saturday Night Live. Hosting and serving as our musical guest, Lipa’s been on the show in the past as just a musical guest but this marks her third time on the show and her first time hosting! While it is one of the first times we are getting to see Lipa shine in a more comedic light, she has been flexing her acting chops more and more in movies like Argylle.

Her cold open and monologue were a slower start to the show but her monologue was filled with Lipa’s cool energy and while the cold open may not have been the most memorable that the show has had, they both served to set up Lipa’s tone in the episode.

Kenan Thompson Saves What Could Be an Awkward Cold Open

In the episode’s cold open, a talk show had parents of Columbia students on the show to talk about the protests that have begun happening on college campuses around the United States. The Pro-Palestine student marches have been inspiring to many and when one dad (Kenan Thompson) is asked about it, he said that it was great to see the next generation standing up for what they believe in.

But when he was asked about his own daughter going to the protests, he was less open to the idea — only because of the money that he’s spent for her to attend an Ivy League school. The cold open went back and forth like this, with Thompson saying that he was happy for “their” kids going to protests and speaking up, but his daughter was going to walk at graduation if he had to pay for tuition during COVID. The sketch was funny enough, but not really one for the history books.

Dua Lipa Brings Her Parents to Her Opening Monologue

Lipa’s monologue wasn’t very high-energy, but it was cute to see Lipa laughing and talking about her parents (who were in the audience). She talked about how they love to party and how she saw them at a club once while out with her friends. She also talked about how people react to her online — go girl, give us everything! While Lipa is now expanding her career with roles like her cameo in the Barbie movie, she is still a musician first and foremost. Promoting her new album, Radical Optimism, Lipa said that she has to describe the meaning of the album title frequently.

Taking questions from the audience, Andrew Dismukes gave Lipa a situation that he needed a positive spin on (talking about how his wife is leaving him because he called her mom in the bedroom), and then Bowen Yang asked about his doctor telling him to stop drinking. It was funny and cute and showed us just how cool Lipa is.

The full episode of Saturday Night Live is available to stream on Peacock in the U.S.


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