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  • Dua Lipa shines as both host and musical guest on
    , despite not delivering the funniest episode of the season.
  • Lipa’s sketches include a hilarious throuple battle and a relatable bit about penne alla vodka at different events.
  • Kenan Thompson steals the show as a ribs-obsessed OB-GYN named Fat Daddy, breaking the cast in a must-watch sketch.

This week’s Saturday Night Live brought us Dua Lipa as both host and musical guest, and while the show wasn’t the best of this season, it was a solid night all around. Lipa has been on the show in the past (and even had Oscar Isaac writing fanfiction about her). Her first hosting gig went by without a hitch and while it wasn’t the funniest episode, there were still some sketches that stood out. From bringing in iconic online bits to having an OB-GYN who used to be a line cook and more, the episode had some pretty funny moments to unpack! Watch Lipa’s best sketches below.

Dua Lipa Spoofs ‘Challengers’ on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Lipa plays a young woman who is on a date with a man (Marcello Hernandez) at her apartment. After he says that he normally dates women who own houses, he is gifted a glimpse into her favorite collection: little figures of naked troll like beings that stand proudly on her wall. They are apparently called Sonny Angels and they are terrifying. As the date goes on, Hernandez ends up in a throuple battle with one of her dolls (Bowen Yang) and it quickly becomes a very familiar situation.

The sketch is spoofing Challengers, the new Luca Guadagnino movie that has everyone on the internet talking about throuples. The sketch cuts to Yang and Hernandez acting out scenes that Mike Faist and Josh O’Connor go through in the film and Lipa is even dressed like Zendaya in the movie. It is short, funny, and includes a ridiculous version of the churro scene, so we’re not complaining!

Penne Alla Vodka Is Dua Lipa’s Favorite Mid Comfort Food on ‘SNL’

There are moments in life when events call for comfort food. Whether it is a funeral, a wedding, or a graduation party, there is always something there that can help you bring in those moments. No, it isn’t your family or a favorite song. It’s a big aluminum tin of penne alla vodka — nobody loves it but everybody tolerates it wherever it appears.

A digital short, the penne alla vodka sketch has all different kinds of parties talking about eating mediocre pasta and talking about how it is just fine. Lipa plays a girl at her graduation party and is taking selfies with her friends (and her plate of pasta) during it. It’s funny because we all know that kind of pasta dish that isn’t great, but it is there, and you are hungry.

Kenan Thompson Plays a Doctor Called Fat Daddy

Kenan Thompson played an OB-GYN who used to work in a ribs restaurant and all of his techniques are about ribs — including using tongs to find Ego Nwodim‘s baby. Lipa played his nurse who was on his side even when he clearly was not good at his job, but he kept trying to make this doctor’s appointment as easy as possible. Mikey Day played a first-time dad who was rightfully nervous about this doctor’s antics — probably because he goes by the name “Fat Daddy.”

Much like how the entire cast of Saturday Night Live broke during Ryan Gosling‘s hosting gig in the last episode where he played Beavis to Day’s Butt-Head, the “Fat Daddy” sketch broke the cast. Punkie Johnson came into the sketch laughing, and it was a great way to bring the night to a close.

The full episode of Saturday Night Live is available to stream on Peacock in the U.S.

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