• DC Universe boss James Gunn unveiled David Corenswet’s full Superman costume, setting the stage for the new DC Universe.
  • Corenswet’s costume appears to be a blend of spandex and armor, includes the iconic trunks, and his appearance features the classic Superman curl.
  • An alien attack happening above Metropolis could hint at Brainiac’s involvement in Gunn’s Superman movie, but that remains to be seen.

The first official look at David Corenswet’s full Superman costume has been revealed by DC Universe boss James Gunn. The new DC Universe is on its way, as Gunn and Peter Safran are leading the development of a new slate of movies and TV shows to be released by DC Studios and Warner Bros. Discovery. Gunn’s Superman movie is currently the only DC Universe movie that is in the midst of filming, and it will set the foundation for the rebooted franchise.

The world has been patiently waiting to see what Corenswet’s Superman costume will look like after Gunn shared the first look at the new House of El symbol when they kicked off principal photography. Since filming is entering its final months of production, Gunn officially unveiled the Superman costume, as seen worn by Corenswet in the photo below.

David Corenswet As Superman

In a follow-up post on Threads, Gunn revealed the photo had been taken by Jess Miglio on set, “and was entirely in-camera.” The photo reveals not only Corenswet’s Superman costume, but what appears to be an alien attack happening above Metropolis.


Who Is David Corenswet? James Gunn’s Superman Actor Explained

David Corenswet has officially been cast as Clark Kent in the DCU’s Superman: Legacy, leading many to wonder about his career up to this point.

David Corenswet’s Superman Costume Explained

The First Superman Image Also Teases An Alien Attack

From the first image alone, it is evident they are going for a blend between spandex and armor, looking more similar to Superman’s DC Rebirth costumes, with the cape potentially being similar to the one in All-Star Superman. While there has been texture on a lot of previous live-action Superman costumes, this one appears to be going more with lines while also indicating that it has been used for quite some time. Given how worn-out the S-shied looks in this image, it wouldn’t come as a shock if this is coming from a point in the movie where Clark Kent has been up in a number of fights already.

One of the biggest debates online has been whether the DC Universe’s new Superman costume should or shouldn’t have the iconic trunks. Based on Gunn’s photo, it does appear that Corenswet’s Superman will indeed be wearing trunks, as there is red seen underneath his belt. Another classic Superman trait they also included with Corenswet is the curl, which is something a lot of DC fans tend to prefer to see with the Man of Steel.

The bigger mystery is what is going on in Metropolis behind Superman, as some type of alien attack is in the process. With Brainiac having been heavily rumored for Gunn’s Superman movie, this could perhaps be a first tease of Brainiac’s invasion, although that remains to be seen. Hopefully, more glimpses of the Superman costume will be revealed if Gunn and his team end up filming scenes outside with Corenswet in it – or, if not before, then in the movie’s eventual trailer.

DC Fans React To David Corenswet’s Superman Costume

The New Superman Costume Gets Compared To Henry Cavill’s & The Arrowverse’s Version

Superman Hair Curl DCU

Following Gunn’s official post, Superman started to trend on X (formerly known as Twitter) as fans were split on the new suit. Check out several fan reactions below as the DC Universe fans react to the full look at Corenswet’s Superman costume:

@HawkofKrypton said of Corenswet’s Superman suit compared to past iterations, “this is 100% one of them,” while adding to naysayers that it is a “bit of New 52, bit of CW vibe, yet kinda sorta wants to be cinematic.”

@Kryptonian_Cafe expressed that while “David looks phenomenal as Superman,” they stressed that they “do not like this suit AT ALL.”

@kittischmitti added that it is refreshing to see the Superman costume be “really loose and doesn’t hug his muscles or anything,” as they feel they haven’t seen a suit ever have those elements before.

@Samk0006 felt it was “genuinely mind boggling that a CW production made a better Superman suit” in comparison to a feature film with a bigger budget.

@SupermanEnjoyer is happy that the suit didn’t get leaked, saying, “David looks great,” and praised the inclusion of trunks while also making the costume look comfortable.

@AerithsSeat called out the new Superman suit as looking like “one of the Guardians 3 outfits,” but just painted over.

@nightwaynes enjoyed the fact that, just like Robert Pattinson’s The Batman costume, Corenswet’s Superman costume also has a collar.

@UsUnitedJustice finally added a comparison to Henry Cavill’s Superman suit, stating that “one actually looks like Superman and one looks like a cosplayer.”

When it comes to Superman costumes in live-action, whether it is on TV or in the movies, his suit will always be cause for a heated debate within the fandom. The reactions that are shown above are to be expected as there will obviously be those who are in favor of what Gunn revealed, whereas others have their own expectations of what a Superman costume should look like on the big screen. It’s possible some of the negative reception will shift once they see Corenswet’s costume in action, as there is only so much a still image can show. For that reason, hopefully the first Superman trailer will be released relatively soon.

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