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  • Gabriela and Diego’s wedding day in
    Fire Country
    Season 2 finale will shock fans with unexpected developments.
  • Doubts linger about Gabriela’s feelings for Bode, but there will be a wedding with surprising twists.
  • The episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers unsure of the future of Bode and Gabriela’s relationship.

Everything in Fire Country Season 2 has been building up to Gabriela and Diego’s wedding day. The season finale will see the day arrive, but it won’t pass without drama because this is Fire Country. Stars Billy Burke and Stephanie Arcila talked to TV Insider and teased unexpected developments on the day. Throughout the season, there have been questions about where Gabriela’s heart lies. She and Bode spent a lot of time stealing glances at each other, hinting at the possibility of still harboring feelings for each other. Roberta’s arrival in Episode 8 did not improve things as she poked at old wounds and fueled some fires people had been trying to put out.

There are doubts about whether the wedding will happen because Gabriela doesn’t love Diego as much as she loves Bode, but according to Burke, “There will be a wedding. What transpires at that wedding is in question, and Bode might be rethinking his relationship status in the whole scheme of what he’s got in front of him.” Before the wedding day, however, the station heads for the campaign fire, where Bode and Gabby have a heart-to-heart. Arcila spoke of that moment, saying:

“I think that’s a special moment in the sense of, they haven’t had a lot of alone time together for a while. And at the end of the day, I think that Gabriela feels that she knows that Bode is a safe space when she needs to have a conversation or express herself with everything she’s going through. So I think it is going to be a bittersweet moment for the audience.”

The Wedding Will Shock Fans

Paola Nunez as roberta, Rafael De La Fuente as Diego Moreno, and Stephanie Arcila as Gabriela Perez
Image via Sergei Bachlakov/CBS

Arcila teased about some things that will shock viewers. “Everyone is going to be shocked in every character, all the twists that come with each and every character. It’s a very emotional episode as well, especially for Manny (Kevin Alejandro). And I don’t think people are going to expect what’s to come. It’s going to keep you on your toes.” She, however, promises that fans will see Gabriela in her wedding dress.

The episode will end on a cliffhanger that looks into Bode and Gabriela’s relationship. “They feel a lot, but I also think they both don’t know where they’re going to be left because the way that the episode ends, you’ll see why. The way that the episode ends, I don’t know how they feel where they both stand. I think they’re both really just hurt and confused and trying to keep it together,” teased Arcila of this development.

Fire Country’s Season 2 finale airs on May 17 at 10 PM on CBS. Stream past episodes on Paramount+ and catch the season’s penultimate episode this Friday.

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