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  • Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage
    spin-off focuses on new characters with fresh storylines.
  • Steve Holland highlights the appeal of exploring uncharted territory with Georgie and Mandy.
  • The first teaser for the spin-off reveals a return to the live studio audience format for the universe.

The Big Bang Theory gave us Old Sheldon, while Young Sheldon gave us what the title promises. There are 30 years between the two characters, and we’ve seen a fraction of it. It seemed like Teen Sheldon would be the natural spinoff, but the creatives decided to focus on Sheldon’s older brother and his older wife. Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage will be on screens this fall, and executive producer Steve Holland talked to Deadline about why they decided to go with Georgie and Mandy’s story despite having several avenues they could explore. He opened up about Montana Jordan and Emily Osment having great chemistry, which sold them on the spinoff’s potential.

“For us, I think it was really watching Emily and Montana on screen together. And they just had such a great chemistry, and they were so much fun to watch. And it just seemed like watching them spark together seemed exciting and seemed like a fun way to keep telling the story in this world. But not, you know. It was tricky with Sheldon going off to college, which we know happens.
You know it’s going to be hard to do a show with Young Sheldon when Sheldon isn’t there, and so watching Emily and Montana sort of spark together and be so much fun to watch just felt like a natural progression

Building on Georgie and Mandy, Holland highlighted the obvious issue with Sheldon’s story: his life was established in The Big Bang Theory, and there wasn’t much leeway on what they could change. Georgie and Mandy are total strangers to the audience, so taking their life story in whichever direction would be a positive for the story. He talked about that, saying:

“And also, for us, you know their story is open-ended.
In Young Sheldon, you know, we always knew the end of his story from
The Big Bang Theory

We always knew, you know, he was going to grow up and get married and win and Nobel Prize. And now, with Georgie and Mandy, the slates are a little bit clean. We don’t really know what happens to them and their relationship in their lives too much.”

CBS released a teaser for the upcoming series and revealed that it would premiere sometime this fall. The series will see a return to format as it will be recorded in front of a live studio audience. Filming is set to begin this summer.

Catch the last episodes of Young Sheldon’s final season on Thursdays on CBS. Stream on Paramount+.

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