• Amy Poehler hopes for more sequels to
    Inside Out 2
    that follow Riley’s life in different stages, resembling a documentary series.
  • Inside Out 2
    will explore Riley’s teenage years with new emotions, offering a mature yet comedic perspective.
  • The introduction of new emotions in the sequel opens the door for more characters as Riley grows and evolves.

Inside Out 2 star Amy Poehler has expressed interest in making even more sequels following Riley as she grows up throughout her life, likening the idea to a documentary series. The upcoming Pixar sequel will see Joy and the other emotions having to deal with Riley going through puberty, which results in a new group of emotions showing up. The movie’s premise is poised to tackle growing up in a mature yet comedic way, delivering a story that helps develop Riley alongside her emotions.

Speaking with Empire, Poehler – who voices Joy – hopes that the forthcoming Inside Out 2 isn’t the final film, wanting to explore Riley’s emotions as she continues to grow up. The actor likened the idea to Seven Up!, the first in the Up documentary series that examines the lives of the series’ subjects every seven years as they age. Check out what Poehler had to say about additional sequels below:

I just think that they should make these films like Seven Up, every couple of years in Riley’s life. A young adult, and a young mother, and I think a middle-aged person – everyone’s having these very distinct new emotions that are showing up all the time.

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The newest installment of the series will see a group of new emotions, led by Anxiety, bottling up the familiar emotions from the previous film. This acts as an allegory for how overwhelming negative emotions can show up during someone’s teenage years, causing other emotions to register less often. Because of the introduction of these new emotions as Riley grows up, it opens the door for even more new characters to arrive as she continues to age. This makes Poehler’s pitch for a series of movies all the more realistic.

The new characters in Inside Out 2 offer greater exploration of Riley’s mindset as she continues to grow, giving the story more nuance that may appeal even more to older audiences. This trend could continue in a potential sequel, which would see her continuing to have new or altered emotions as her life grows more complex. While it’s unclear how much of her life such movies would focus on her, it could turn the franchise into an interesting experiment, where the character continues to grow up alongside the audience.

Given that Inside Out 2 cut an emotion, Shame, from the movie, there could be plenty of different ideas for emotions that become a reality in a potential sequel. The range of these new characters can align with the changes in Riley’s life, showing how the way her life evolves changes the environment in her mind. With plenty of potential for even more sequels, Poehler’s idea would be an interesting way to make the franchise stand out as a notable part of Pixar’s film lineup.

Inside Out 2
arrives in theaters on June 14, 2024.

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