• Jerry Seinfeld’s movie
    is Number 1 on Netflix despite negative reviews from critics and audiences.
  • The star-studded cast and unique premise likely contributed to its success.
  • Seinfeld’s influence and the film’s intriguing subject matter have helped maintain its top spot, and could keep it in the Top 10.

Jerry Seinfeld’s latest movie, Unfrosted, has taken the Number 1 spot on Netflix’s global chart this week, despite the film scoring career-low reviews for the comedian. The Seinfeld directorial debut follows the story of Kellogg’s creation of Pop-Tarts in the 1960s, featuring an ensemble cast of comedic actors to bring the story to life. However, the film hasn’t scored well with viewers, sitting on Rotten Tomatoes with a critics’ score of 41% and an audience score of 50%.

However, despite Unfrosted getting negative reviews, Netflix reports that the comedy film is sitting at Number 1 on their Films chart for the week of April 29 through May 5, 2024. The movie garnered 11.3 million watch hours from 7.1 million viewers. While three other releases, Anyone But You, Rebel Moon – Part Two, and The Judge scored more watch hours, the Seinfeld-led movie ultimately got more individual viewers to tune in.

Why Unfrosted Is So Successful Despite Its Negative Reviews

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Negative reviews for the movie label the film as having very few memorable comedic moments, as well as poor set design and characters that didn’t stand out. However, the cast of Unfrosted is packed with plenty of familiar comedy actors. Seinfeld is joined by the likes of Melissa McCarthy (The Little Mermaid), Jim Gaffigan (Luca), Amy Schumer (Life & Beth), James Marsden (Sonic the Hedgehog), and Bill Burr (Old Dads) among many others. These familiar faces likely aided in the film’s popularity despite lackluster writing.

Seinfeld in particular was likely a key draw for the film, given his lead role on the classic sitcom of the same name. His comedy career has continued to maintain an upward trajectory, such as hosting the show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and starring in comedy specials like 23 Hours to Kill. Not only is the movie his directorial debut, but its subject matter of a popular breakfast food sounds like an intriguing, hilarious combination. While the results have been mixed, the combination no doubt sparked interest in subscribers.


Why Jerry Seinfeld’s New Movie’s Rotten Tomatoes Score Is Even Worse Than His 17-Year-Old Meme Disaster

Jerry Seinfeld’s new cereal-based movie isn’t winning over critics. In fact, its Rotten Tomatoes score is lower than that of the star’s 2007 flop.

Despite its reception, though, Unfrosted has a chance to continue maintaining its top spot because of the comedian’s pull and those also starring in the film. While it doesn’t seem like its critical reception is going to be reconsidered anytime soon, the movie is clearly still finding success thanks to its cast and interesting premise. Although it remains to be seen if the movie will keep its Number 1 spot, there’s a real possibility it stays in the Top 10 thanks to Seinfeld’s presence as the star.

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