• Corenswet gained 40lbs for the Superman role, and his trainer reveals the star’s workout plan.
  • Corenswet, at 6’6″, is the tallest live-action Superman actor.
  • The actor’s weight went from 200lbs to 240lbs, with anticipated shedding of some mass as he tones up.

David Corenswet’s journey to becoming Superman gets detailed by his trainer, including how much the DC Universe star bulked up for the role. The first look at Corenswet’s Superman has been released, and while the actor looked great in his costume, the shared photo did not fully do his impressive physique justice. Following the suit reveal, Corenswet’s Superman physique was highlighted in a workout photo shared by his trainer, and the actor’s transformation to play the Man of Steel has now been detailed.

Speaking to British GQ, Corenswet’s personal trainer, Paolo Mascitti, broke down the actor’s Superman workout and revealed that he gained 40lbs for the role. Mascitti revealed that Corenswet had already been working out before meeting him, with the duo starting their work together to get the actor fit to lead Superman‘s impressive cast five months before production began. The trainer also mentioned that Corenswet is 6’6″ and not the previously believed 6’4″, which helps the star break a franchise record. Check out the full quote below:

“This is a James Gunn film, and he has a specific vision of the entire project. David had been working out intensively before I met him, but he’s naturally a very lean guy. He’s 6’6” but we wanted to put more bulk on him. He probably went from 200lbs to 240lbs, but some of that mass will be shed as he continues to tone up.


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David Corenswet’s Superman Preparations Explained In Detail

Why David Corenswet’s Superman Physique Is So Impressive

Going by the actor’s height, revealed by his trainer, Corenswet is the tallest Superman in live-action. It was previously believed that the DCU star shared that record with Christopher Reeve, who is 6’4″, which seems to not be the case after all. For comparison, DCEU Superman actor Henry Cavill stands at 6’1″. With the start of production on Superman, Corenswet has not been able to work out as much as before, as Mascitti reveals, “He’s very busy right now, so we’re only fitting in three or four sessions a week, but he’s still working out for two hours a day.”

Mascitti also revealed what kind of exercises he has been using as the focus of Corenswet’s Superman workouts. The trainer believes “It’s about mastering the exercise and focusing on things like full range of motion.” To not overload Corenswet, given the huge amount of training he has had to do every month to become Superman, the trainer decided on the “formula of push day, pull day, legs day,” as GQ puts it. Mascitti explains, “We focus on moments like presses, pull-ups, pull-downs, rows – all the big ones.”

Mascitti also explained that Corenswet’s workouts had to be done half in person and half through FaceTime, as the actor was not in Los Angeles all the time to work out with his trainer. That led to fun exchanges between the two, as Mascitti reveals that he would ask Corenswet about his diet — which the personal trainer says was strict and included 6000 calories a day — and the actor would say he had been eating cereal, even asking, “What’s wrongwith cereal!?” Corenswet’s impressive physique will be seen in 2025’s Superman, the first DCU movie.

Superman Legacy Comic Cover

Superman (2025)

Written and directed by James Gunn, Superman is the first movie in Warner Bros.’ rebooted DC Universe to center around the titular comic book hero. It introduces a new version of the Man of Steel after Henry Cavill’s departure from the role, honoring the character’s roots as “the embodiment of truth, justice and the American way.”

Release Date
July 11, 2025

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