• Michelle Rodriguez’s 2006 movie
    The Breed
    is receiving a remake from Curmudgeon Films and Daro Film Distribution.
  • Producers Nathan and Griff Furst will direct the remake, with Grace Caroline Currey in the lead role.
  • The movie has the opportunity to improve on the original, which was poorly received.

Michelle Rodriguez’s poorly reviewed horror movie The Breed will be receiving a remake. The original 2006 title, which was produced by Scream and A Nightmare on Elm Street director Wes Craven, followed a group of friends whose tranquil island vacation is ruined when they are attacked by a pack of genetically modified killer dogs. The cast of the movie, which has a 27% score on Rotten Tomatoes, also included Nashville‘s Oliver Hudson, Orange is the New Black‘s Taryn Manning, The L Word‘s Eric Lively, and The Good Doctor‘s Hill Harper.

Per Variety, The Breed is getting a remake from Curmudgeon Films alongside co-producer and financer Daro Film Distribution. Producers Nathan and Griff Furst will also be directing the remake of the killer dog movie. As The Brothers Furst, they previously helmed 2018’s Nightmare Shark, though Griff has directed other animal attack titles including Lake Placid 3 and Alligator Alley. Fall‘s Grace Caroline Currey will play the lead role of Violet, a rebellious young woman on a mission to rescue abandoned dogs, which brings her to the isolated island where she will meet the evil canines.

The Breed Remake Could Improve On The Original Movie

Grace Caroline Currey Could Be The Breed’s Secret Weapon

A Dog Attacks a Character in The Breed

It is entirely possible that this remake of the early title from the future Fast X star could be a huge improvement. In addition to being poorly received by critics, the original movie was not a hit with audiences, as they collectively gave it a similarly Rotten score of 29%. If the new movie can modernize the original special effects and craft a more satisfying story around the core premise, it could turn the original title’s fate on its head.

The presence of Currey could also give the movie a huge boost. The star has already proven her ability to wring tension out of a survival movie premise with Fall, which earned a Certified Fresh 79% Rotten Tomatoes score from both critics and audiences and was a theatrical success that grossed $21.8 million against a $3 million budget, earning the upcoming sequel Fall 2. However, The Brothers Furst have a track record of creating poorly received creature features. Below, see the Rotten Tomatoes critic and audience scores for every animal attack movie directed by Griff or the duo together:


Critic Score

Audience Score

100 Million BC (2008)



Lake Placid 3 (2010)



Swamp Shark (2011)



Arachnoquake (2012)



Ghost Shark (2013)



Trailer Park Shark (2017)



Nightmare Shark (2018)



As they don’t have a single Fresh score to their name in this particular subgenre, it doesn’t seem that The Breed has a strong chance of winning over critics or audiences. However, it is at the very least entirely possible for the new movie to be better received than the original movie. That title earned worse scores across the board than Furst’s two most recent animal attack features, which could be a sign that the trend of overall improvement could continue with the remake.

Source: Variety

The Breed (2006)

Nicholas Mastandrea

Release Date
December 7, 2006

Michelle Rodriguez , Oliver Hudson , Taryn Manning , Eric Lively , Hill Harper , Nick Boraine

91 Minutes

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