• Rey Skywalker’s role in the New Jedi Order movie focuses on learning from the past to build a new Jedi Order.
  • The holocron’s messages suggest Rey’s approach to the new Order differs from Luke’s, focusing on correcting the flaws of the past.
  • Rey may draw inspiration from different eras of the Jedi Order, ranging from the High Republic to the Dawn of the Jedi.

A new piece of Star Wars merchandise contains a hint about Rey Skywalker’s role in the upcoming Star Wars: New Jedi Order movie and what she’ll be setting out to accomplish. After the sequel trilogy of Star Wars movies, Rey was the last link to the Skywalker saga, which meant the task of rebuilding the Order fell squarely on her shoulders. Based on the confirmed details about New Jedi Order, the movie will be set 15 years after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and the upcoming Star Wars movie will likely build off the revelations and developments of the sequel trilogy.

A video from Nick Tierce shows a new piece of merchandise from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the canon theme park at Disney World and Disney Land, in the form of a holocron. Powered by a kyber crystal that holds messages from Rey, the holocron plays out some of her voice messages.

The holocron includes some fascinating messages from Rey after The Rise of Skywalker, as she speaks about everything from her relationship with Ben Solo to her study of the Ancient Jedi texts she took from Ahch-To. One line seems particularly important, though, and it has to do with the lessons she learned from Ben.

“Ben was right about letting go of the past, but not about killing it. My task is to make something new, not by killing the past, but by building on all that’s good in it.”

Rey’s reference to learning from the past and building something new seems to fit quite nicely with her goal of rebuilding the Jedi Order. It even gives some insights into what her plans for the Order could be, and how she’ll go about fixing the mistakes of the past.


There’s One Luke Skywalker Lesson Rey Still Has To Learn In Her New Jedi Order Movie

There is one last lesson that Rey Skywalker needs to learn from her Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker, during her upcoming New Jedi Order movie.

What Does This Tell Us About Rey’s New Jedi Order Mission?

Rey’s message in the holocron indicates that she’ll be taking a radically different approach to rebuilding the Jedi Order than Luke Skywalker did. In The Last Jedi, Luke revealed that he attempted to rebuild the Order as it was, and he came to the conclusion that the Jedi shouldn’t exist because they were fundamentally flawed. Rey, however, seems to have come to the conclusion that while the Jedi were flawed, those flaws can be corrected. That could lead her to address the mistakes the Jedi made in the prequel trilogy more directly than anything else seen in the franchise so far.

Her quote also indicates that the new Jedi Order will be heavily inspired by the original Order. In contrast to Kylo Ren’s quote and Luke’s attitude, Rey doesn’t see the need to abandon the past entirely, which shows that the history of the Order could have a major influence on her movie. With the Ancient Jedi texts, Rey could build her new Order in the image of any era of the Order, from the High Republic to the very roots of the Jedi, like in Dawn of the Jedi. Delving into the past for inspiration for the future is an incredibly interesting idea, and it also opens up a host of possibilities.

Star Wars Timeline



Dawn of the Jedi

c. 25,000 BBY

The Old Republic

c. 25,000 – c. 532 BBY

The High Republic

c. 532 – 32 BBY

Fall of the Jedi

32 – 19 BBY

The Dark Times

19 – 5 BBY

Age of Rebellion

5 BBY – 4 ABY

The New Republic

4 – 34 ABY

Age of Resistance

34 – 35 ABY

New Jedi Order

c. 50 ABY

In its early days, the Jedi Order had a very different notion of what balance in the Force looked like than the Jedi of the prequel trilogy did. Originally, the Jedi strove to balance both the dark and light sides of the Force together, rather than serving only the light. Rey could adopt this view for her new Order, as she destroyed the Sith and would likely need to tend to the dark side of the Force as well. However she rebuilds it, Rey’s New Jedi Order will likely be a unique take on the Jedi Order, but it won’t let the past die entirely.

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