• Ernie Hudson says Rick Moranis declined to return to the
    franchise, despite being offered money.
  • Ernie Hudson expressed disappointment and confusion over Moranis’ decision, but hopes the actor can change his mind someday.
  • Since Moranis hasn’t acted in a movie since 2006, it seems unlikely he’ll step back onscreen to portray Louis again.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire star Ernie Hudson has opened up about why one star from the 1984 original refused to return for the newest movies in the growing franchise. The newest movie alongside its predecessor, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, features a new cast of characters within the Spengler family hunting down ghosts and learning of their legacy. However, they also feature the return of the original team, with guest appearances by almost everyone from the original film – except one star that hasn’t shown up in them.

Speaking with Screen Rant, Hudson – who portrays Winston in the franchise – explained why the cast of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire didn’t feature Rick Moranis as Louis Tully. Ahead of the movie’s digital and Blu-ray release on June 24, the star explained how Moranis was approached and offered money, but he ultimately decided not to return. Check out what Hudson had to say below:

Yeah, because Rick is such an important part of the success of all of this. I think everybody understands that and agrees with that. I don’t know why. I haven’t had a personal conversation. I talked to Ivan Reitman before he transitioned, who I know had spent a lot of time trying to convince Rick. I know that the other guys have talked to him, and I’m not sure why. He just said no.

I know they offered him more money than they offered me. And if I thought going to his house would make a difference, I’d be there. Because I’d love to see [him]. And not just in Ghostbusters, but I just think he’s an amazing talent. I would love to see him working, but obviously, it was a personal choice. [Maybe] if they did a country western album or something, but I don’t know. I’d love to see him back if there was any possible way, you know?

Could Rick Moranis Return In A Future Ghostbusters Movie?

Rick Moranis' Louis Tully wears a Ghostbusters uniform and looks surprised in Ghostbusters 2 while Slimer attacks the camera in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
Custom image by Simone Ashmoore

Moranis’ Louis had an important role in the first two Ghostbusters movies. In the first, he is possessed by Vinz and has a hand in bringing Gozer back because of this. He makes a smaller appearance in the second installment, showing up as the team’s lawyer. His hilarious antics both while he’s human and when he’s been possessed are memorable parts of the original duology. His performance would fit right in with the humor of the latest films, perhaps even giving him more to work with in a continued storyline.

While a possible Ghostbusters 6 hasn’t been confirmed yet, Louis could easily fit back into the mold of the story for a modern-day adventure. However, Moranis hasn’t starred in a movie since 2006’s Brother Bear 2, his last appearance onscreen being in the 2020 documentary series Prop Culture. His decision not to return to the franchise appears to have been because he’s stepped away from acting overall, a decision no amount of money can change. This makes it extremely unlikely he’ll return to the franchise, despite the potential his character has.

Even so, much like how Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Easter eggs referenced back to the original duology, direct references to Louis are possible in the future, even if he doesn’t make a return. This could be in the form of definitively revealing what happened to him after his last appearance, to throwing in a few lines or moments that reference some of his most classic attributes. Although it’s possible Moranis will change his mind and come back one last time, it seems for now references to his character will be all that’s featured.

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