• Sydney Sweeney takes on real-life boxer role as Christy Martin in upcoming biopic.
  • Sweeney’s career evolution from TV roles to lead performances sets the stage for a powerful portrayal of the legendary female boxer.
  • Director David Michôd highlights Martin’s story of overcoming adversity and gender stereotypes, unique for his history of films about damaged men.

Sydney Sweeney has found one of her next roles in a boxing biopic. Sweeney is a two-time Emmy nominated actress who has been most recognized for her TV work in the series Euphoria and The White Lotus. Most recently, Sweeney took on a leading role in the horror film Immaculate, where she played an American woman who supposedly undergoes an immaculate conception shortly into her time committing to a pious lifestyle in an Italian convent.

As per Deadline, Sweeney will play a real-life boxer as one of her next roles. This biopic will see Sweeney play the role of Christy Martin, who became America’s most well-known female boxer in the 1990s. The untitled film will be directed by David Michôd. The film’s plot will chronicle Martin’s rise in a “female Rocky” type of story. Speaking on the project, Sweeney mentioned that she herself kickboxed as an adolescent. Michôd added that he wants to “make a film about a woman with ferocious energy inside her.” Check out their quotes below:

Sydney Sweeney: I grappled and did kickboxing from 12-19 years old. I’ve been itching to get back into the ring, train, and transform my body. Christy’s story isn’t a light one, it’s physically and emotionally demanding, there’s a lot of weight to carry. But I love challenging myself.

Christy Martin not only legitimized female boxing, she overcame gender stereotypes, and fought through emotional, physical, and financial abuse. I’m passionate about the fighting world, Christy’s story shines a light on her incredible rise to the top while showing the struggles of fame behind the curtains. I feel compelled to tell a story about a woman who faced so much adversity and didn’t allow it to defeat her. It’s powerful, and emotional.

David Michôd: I have a history of making movies about damaged men and I’d been wanting to make a film about a woman with a ferocious energy inside her. When I came across the Christy Martin story two years ago I knew I’d found it. Her ferocity is intelligible and justifiable and audiences will crave it because of the circumstances she was forced to endure.

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On its face, Sweeney is not the actress one would think of when it comes to playing Christy Martin. From parts like that of Euphoria and Anyone But You, Sweeney is often seen playing the romantic interest or sex object (which is also arguably true of this year’s Immaculate). Roles like these are fairly far afield from the tenacity and grit it takes to play a female boxer such as Martin. Looking into Sweeney’s quote, however, it is clear that she feels a deep connection to the character, partially due to her own desire to “get back into the ring.”

A role of this nature is huge news for Sweeney, an actor whose career has already exploded within the last few years. When Sweeney began acting, she mostly appeared in one-off TV roles in shows like Grey’s Anatomy and The Middle. In 2018, she played a lead role in the series Everything Sucks!, and then proceeded to make her Euphoria debut in 2019, which catapulted her to fame. Now, Sweeney is an incredibly sought-after actress, having gone on to star in numerous films such as Anyone But You, Madam Webb, and Immaculate.


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The shape of Sweeney’s career proves that she is ready for a leading role in a film such as the Christy Martin biopic. Though a genre film, this year’s Immaculate showed a different sign of Sweeney’s acting, giving her more depth than her otherwise-hollow performances. If Sweeney continues down this path, her performance in Michôd’s film can once-again redefine her career, hopefully straying away from some of her more grating roles.

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