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  • A new era of
    Doctor Who
    begins with Ncuti Gatwa as the Time Lord and Jinkx Monsoon as a dangerous villain.
  • The Doctor faces a dark force like never before, with a sneak peek featuring Monsoon’s character in a dangerous encounter.
  • Doctor Who
    hits Disney+ on May 10th.

The new season of Doctor Who is merely hours away, and Disney+ is getting ready to launch the latest adventures of the Time Lord portrayed by Ncuti Gatwa. But before audiences can get a taste of what’s to come for the Fifteenth Doctor, a new look at one of his adversaries has been revealed. A new sneak peek from the new episodes features the introduction of the character portrayed by Jinkx Monsoon, setting the tone for how dangerous this person can be. The Doctor is used to facing many different villains from across time and space, but nothing has prepared him for a force of nature as dark as this new contender.

After winning the seventh season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars, Jinkx Monsoon was excited to continue working on her career as an actress, which is why she made her Broadway debut last year. Some time after that, it was announced that the performer would join the new era of Doctor Who as a villain, and the new clip features her talking to Timothy Drake. While the antagonist’s intentions with the composer aren’t clear, it’s evident that the musician is in danger, considering how the character portrayed by Monsoon will take the Doctor to the limit.

Doctor Who recently featured the return of David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor, but after rescuing Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) and the world from the Toymaker (Neil Patrick Harris), it’s time for another iteration of the Time Lord to travel in the TARDIS. The Fifteenth Doctor crossed paths with Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) during last year’s special anniversary episodes, and while he’s excited about the idea of traveling across time and space with her, the Doctor knows that Ruby’s mysterious past might come into play sooner rather than later.

A New Era of ‘Doctor Who’ Begins

Over the course of decades, Doctor Who has reached the world through the BBC, telling the story of how the Time Lord fights against diverse powerful forces of evil. But with Russell T. Davies back at the helm, a new era of the series is about to begin, with the latest season premiering on Disney+ in every territory where the streaming platform is available, except in the United Kingdom and Ireland. With the new distribution contract, Doctor Who received a budget increase, meaning that viewers can expect a different level of production design for the classic series they know and love. The upcoming season will also introduce Jonathan Groff in an undisclosed role, as the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday make their way across the stars.

You can check out the new sneak peek from Doctor Who below, before the new season premieres on Disney+ on May 10:


Doctor Who

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