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  • Jon Stewart’s podcast spin-off,
    The Weekly Show
    , will feature political commentary and humor with new guests.
  • The Daily Show
    IP has a podcast version,
    The Daily Show: Ears Edition
    , and
    The Weekly Show
    will be produced by Paramount Audio.
  • Jon Stewart’s return to
    The Daily Show
    caused a ratings boost and the debut of
    The Weekly Show
    is anticipated for early June.

Jon Stewart‘s reformed partnership with Comedy Central is continuing with an all-new podcast spin-off of The Daily Show, titled The Weekly Show With Jon Stewart. This is in addition to Jon Stewart’s current weekly hosting gig on The Daily Show, which has proven itself as a big success for Comedy Central. Similar to the hit late-night talk show, Stewart will continue to combine political commentary and humor for The Weekly Show, with new guests set to appear every show. It’s not currently clear how long the podcast is set to run for, as it’s been previously reported that Stewart will only be hosting the Daily Show until the end of the 2024 Presidential Election

This isn’t the first time that The Daily Show IP has been to the world of podcasting, as the entire mainline show is available to listen to in an audio-only format already with The Daily Show: Ears Edition. According to Variety, The Weekly Show With Jon Stewart will be produced by Paramount Audio and Busboy Productions. The anticipated new spin-off series will be available to listen to on major podcast platforms such as Spotify.

Jon Stewart himself confirmed his involvement as The Weekly Show‘s host with the following and fittingly hilarious statement:

“After much reflection, meditation, and prayer, I have decided to extend my work week to two days. All hail Comedy Central!”

Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Return Has Become a Big Hit for Comedy Central

Jon Stewart’s relationship with television in recent years has been complicated to say the least. After years on the air as The Daily Show‘s host, Stewart left the show in 2015 and found a replacement in Trevor Noah. Later, Stewart found a new platform with AppleTV+ with The Problem with Jon Stewart. Despite the show being a hit, The Problem with Jon Stewart was canceled after two seasons, with Stewart himself claiming the network felt he might say something controversial. Regardless, Stewart made a surprise return to The Daily Show, and the results have been positive to say the least.

Despite only hosting once per week, Jon Stewart’s return to his flagship series has caused ratings for The Daily Show to increase exponentially. In fact, Stewart’s first episode returning as the show’s host led to The Daily Show having it’s most viewed episode since he left in 2015. Paramount Global executive and Showtime & MTV Entertainment Studios CEO Chris McCarthy further expressed his excitment for the new podcast following The Daily Show‘s resurgence in popularity:

“Jon’s return to The Daily Show has been a runway success — a powerful reminder of why he’s the voice of our generation and so critical to the national conversation. This new podcast enables Jon to delve even deeper into complex issues and make sense of it for all for us through his razor-sharp wit and indelible humor.”

The Weekly Show With Jon Stewart is set to debut in early June. New episodes of The Daily Show air every night from Monday to Thursday, becoming available to stream the next day on Paramount+.

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