Warning: SPOILERS lie ahead for Abigail!


  • Melissa Barrera is more cautious in her thoughts about an
    Abigail 2
    after previously teasing her idea for a sequel.
  • The star acknowledges that between Alisha Weir’s growing up and the story leaving on an emotional note, a sequel might not be a good idea, but is open if Radio Silence invites her.
  • The chances of a sequel are somewhat dampened by the movie’s struggles at the box office, which continues vampire movies’ failing to gain traction.

After previously having her own ideas for a sequel, Melissa Barrera offers a more cautious response to the chances of Abigail 2. Barrera led the cast of the 2024 horror comedy as Joey, one of a group of kidnappers who find themselves in over their heads when their seemingly young target turns out to be a centuries-old vampire, resulting in a fight for survival as they’re trapped in a house with her. Hailing from Scream 6 duo Radio Silence, the movie has garnered largely positive reviews from critics, particularly for its tonal blend and gory action.

In honor of the movie’s VOD release, Screen Rant interviewed Barrera to discuss Abigail‘s ending and the chances of a sequel. Though having previously expressed her interest in seeing one happen, the star was a little more cautious in her thoughts, admitting that she doesn’t “know that we need one“. She did, however, go on to express that she would happily sign back on if Radio Silence approached her with the idea for a sequel, while also admitting it would need to be made soon for one key reason. See what Barrera shared below:

No, the idea of a sequel for me was always exciting, because I want to be a vampire. [Laughs] That’s all I want in life, that’s all I want. So that was, for me, it was the thing, but I don’t know that we need one. And it will be actually really hard to do with Alisha, because technically, she can’t get any older, and she’s at that age where she is getting older. Not that you can’t do it with deaging and CGI and all that stuff, but who knows? I’d definitely be open to coming back. I will work with Matt and Tyler whenever, wherever, for whatever project. So, if they were like, “Let’s make another,” I’d be like, “Yeah, when? Let’s go back to Ireland.”

Abigail 2 Has One Main Hurdle In Its Way

Just after the movie’s release, Barrera had teased her ideas for an Abigail 2, in which the titular vampire girl’s assurance that the bite would not transform Joey, only for it to indeed turn her into a bloodsucker and hunt down Abigail to flip the original story’s formula. This would, though, in turn see them again teaming up to take down a clan of vampires, with Barrera’s biggest hope for the sequel lining up with what she shared above in that she wishes to play the iconic horror creature.


Is Melissa Barrera’s Character A Vampire In Abigail? Joey’s Fate & Future Explained

The violent and bloody ending of Abigail left the immediate fate of Melissa Barrera’s character Joey ambiguous, along with what her future might hold.

While Barrera does still seem generally interested in the prospect, there is one big hurdle in the sequel’s way in the financial performance of its predecessor. In spite of the movie’s positive reviews, Abigail‘s box office numbers have shown a continued struggle for vampire-focused movies on the big screen, so far only grossing just over $35 million against its $28 million production budget. Check out how the movie is faring compared to other recent vampire releases on Rotten Tomatoes and at the box office below:


RT Critical Score

RT Audience Score

Box Office




$34.4 Million

The Last Voyage of the Demeter



$21.8 Million




$26.9 Million

The Invitation



$38 Million

In addition to vampire-driven stories, Abigail‘s box office struggles also come as original horror projects have failed to gain much traction at the box office, ranging from Lisa Frankenstein‘s bombing to Night Swim making just a small fraction of fellow Blumhouse title M3GAN‘s runaway success from the same release month two years prior. While a subsequent boost on digital and streaming platforms could see Universal and Radio Silence move forward with Abigail 2, it has a long road ahead before any such decision will come to light.

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