• Rey’s upcoming Star Wars movie may see her rebuilding the Jedi Order, with hints pointing to Ahch-To as the possible location.
  • The legacy of the Jedi Order, connected to both the original Jedi and the fallen prequel trilogy Order, adds complexity to Rey’s new Order.
  • Returning to Ahch-To, the birthplace of the Jedi, would bring the Jedi Order back to its roots and original teachings.

Star Wars may have just confirmed the location of Rey’s Jedi Order in Rey’s upcoming Star Wars movie from a very unexpected source. Although updates on Rey’s new movie remain limited, rumors are already flying about what the movie, set 15 years after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in the Star Wars timeline, may include. However, comments from Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy and the rumored title Star Wars: New Jedi Order suggest Rey will be rebuilding the Jedi Order with herself at the helm. Now, new Star Wars merchandise may have revealed where that new Order will be based.

The merchandise, shared by Nick Tierce on YouTube, consists of a new Jedi Holocron that delivers voice messages from Rey when a Kyber crystal is inserted into it. One of the voice messages in particular highlights the importance of one all-too-familiar island from the Star Wars sequel trilogy; in it, Rey says:

“I grew up in the desert and yet every night I dreamt of an island. A tiny dot in an endless sea. I saw it so clearly. But I never imagined it might be real. Real. And waiting for me.”

While this isn’t confirmation that Rey’s new Jedi Order will be established on Ahch-To, the emphasis placed on the island in the message seems to suggest something greater happens there than what is seen in the sequels.


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Rey’s New Jedi Order Is A Rebirth, Making A Return To Ahch-To The Perfect Choice

Rey’s Jedi Order will have an incredible (and difficult) legacy to live up to. It will follow not only on the heels of Luke’s destroyed Jedi Temple but also be inherently connected to the fallen Jedi Order from the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Moreover, it’s entirely possible that the galaxy will have lost faith in the Jedi over generations, perhaps even fully turning its back on them. All of this, however, would make Ahch-To the perfect location for Rey’s Order.

Ahch-To was the very location where the Prime Jedi established the first Jedi Order. In this sense, Rey building her Temple on Ahch-To would bring the Jedi back to their beginnings, which would be particularly welcome in light of all that occurred throughout the Skywalker Saga. The Jedi, for as much good as they’ve meant to do, have had a number of failings in the century or so preceding Rey’s new movie, and it’s clear that the prequel trilogy’s Order in particular had strayed from what they were meant to be, especially by joining a war and engaging in politics.

Rey building her Temple on Ahch-To would bring the Jedi back to their beginnings.

With that significant history as a backdrop, Rey focusing her Temple on the original teachings of the Jedi—especially as she has access to the sacred Jedi texts—would make tremendous sense, and Ahch-To would be the perfect place to do it. For now, this possibility is only speculation, as the details of Rey’s movie are still very much under wraps. However, if the new Star Wars merchandise is any indication, Rey’s new Star Wars movie could see a return to Ahch-To as the location of Rey’s Jedi Temple.

Source: Nick Tierce


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