• Imagine a 1950s twist on the iconic Avengers movie with this concept trailer that adds new heroes to the team dynamic.
  • The possibility of exploring different historical eras in the MCU opens up exciting avenues for new stories and characters.
  • From 1940s adventures with Captain America to the potential introduction of mutants, the MCU could see a diverse range of period films.

The Avengers became an instantly iconic movie for the MCU when it was released in 2012, but a new concept trailer re-imagines the movie with a wildly different twist. Marvel Comics has been around since 1939, and, as such, its heroes have starred in stories spanning the decades. Even the MCU has tapped into the potential of period pieces, notably setting Captain America: The First Avengers during WWII in the 1940s and Captain Marvel in the ’90s.

However, given the wide world of comics, it’s fun to imagine what a big MCU team-up movie might look like in a different era. Such is the idea explored by Cloud Gaming on YouTube, who used the power of AI to generate a thrilling take on The Avengers if it were to have been done in the style of a 1950s sci-fi adventure. See the full trailer below:

While the trailer still keeps The Avengers‘ basic story of the titular team taking on Loki’s invasion of NYC, it also adds in powerful Avengers like Ant-Man, Spider-Man, and Scarlet Witch, who were not yet part of the MCU in 2012. While it’s unlilkely we’ll ever see a true Avengers period peice, it’s a fun concept to ponder.


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What Historical Eras Could Make Exciting MCU Movies?

Steve Rogers meeting the Red Skull in Captain America The First Avenger

Even though the MCU kicked-off in modern day with Tony Stark’s transformation into Iron Man, the wider cinematic universe has retroactively established a long history perfect for exploring. Given Captain America: The First Avenger had already visited the 1940s, a spin-off in that era could work well. Steve’s first solo movie in the MCU teased John Hammond, the original Human Torch (not associated with the Fantastic Four), setting the groundwork for an Invaders project. This team operated during the second world war to combat to Nazis and was comprised of Captain America, the Human Torch, Namor, Bucky, and more.

Moreover, now that Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men are officially part of the MCU, Logan could star in a movie set in a prior era. The opening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine featured a wonderful montage of Logan fighting from the Civil War through the present, and revisiting the past more predominantly could be an interesting way to differentiate the next Wolverine from Hugh Jackman’s iconic take. Doing so could introduce a cast of mutants from years past separate from what the MCU’s X-Men reboot does in the present.

The MCU does also already have another era-hopping project in the works in the form of the animated Eyes of Wakanda series. The show will visit several periods and Black Panthers of Wakanda’s history, and it’ll also be the only animated MCU series so far to be set in the Sacred Timeline. As such, a live-action movie, Special Presentation, or series could follow up on Eyes of Wakanda should it prove popular. While the MCU’s release schedule can only support so many projects, exploring times other than the present could be an exciting change of pace for the franchise.

Source: Cloud Gaming/YouTube

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