• Miranda Cosgrove wants to wrap up
    with a movie finale after the series was canceled with a major cliffhanger.
  • An
    movie would be more practical and satisfying for fans than dragging the story out for a fourth season.
  • The cancelation left important plotlines unresolved, such as Freddie and Carly’s relationship and Carly’s missing mother.

iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove suggests a movie finale to wrap up the canceled series. After initially running on Nickelodeon from 2007 to 2012, iCarly was revived by Paramount+ in 2021. The sequel series saw most of the main cast return, including Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, and Nathan Kress. The show caught up with the characters as adults as it explored Carly’s (Cosgrove) relaunch of the iCarly web show with Spencer (Trainor), Freddie (Kress), and her new friends. Unfortunately, after season 3 ended on a major cliffhanger, Paramount+ announced the show’s cancelation.

Speaking to ET at a screening of her new movie, Mother of the Bride, Cosgrove expressed her desire to wrap up iCarly with a finale movie. She acknowledged how the show ended on a cliffhanger, which is why she’s holding onto hope that she and the rest of the cast will someday be allowed to wrap things up. Check out her statement below:

I had a great experience getting to come back and do it for a few seasons, for sure. But I’d love to still be able to wrap up the story in some way. Maybe, hopefully, someday, we’ll still do it.
I feel like it would probably be more along the lines of maybe a movie,
that would kind of wrap it all up or something like that. So that’s what I’m hoping for.


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Why An iCarly Finale Movie Would Work Better Than A Fourth Season

iCarly Just Needs To Wrap Up Two Major Plotlines

Miranda Cosgrove as Carly in iCarly Season 3

Essentially, an
movie would be practical and give viewers what they’ve been waiting for since the original series without dragging the story out for season 4.

Cosgrove might be on to something with her suggestion of an iCarly movie. Not only would a finale movie be more practical for the show, given its current situation, but it might actually even be better suited for the story that was supposed to be tackled in season 4. First, an iCarly movie would be less time-consuming and expensive to produce, which might make Paramount+ more open to the idea of greenlighting such a project. The movie might even be able to draw some crowdfunding support, as Veronica Mars did, if fan demand is strong enough.

Meanwhile, a movie might be a better medium to tackle the story season 3 was building up to. One of the reasons the cancelation was so difficult to deal with is that the last season ended with a cliffhanger. In the iCarly season 3 finale, Freddie and Carly are about to be married when Carly and Spencer’s estranged mother shows up for the first time in both the original and revival series. Naturally, there was much anticipation about finally learning the full story of Carly’s mother and potentially seeing Carly and Freddie tie the knot.

However, iCarly doesn’t necessarily need an entire season to get to the bottom of the Shay siblings’ mother or see Freddie and Carly get married. Additionally, ending with a mother-daughter reconciliation and marriage would be an excellent place to leave the characters. Viewers would get the outcome they wanted with Freddie and Carly, solve the mystery of Carly’s mother, and be content to imagine the characters going on to live fulfilling lives. Essentially, an iCarly movie would be practical and give viewers what they’ve been waiting for since the original series without dragging the story out for season 4.

both the original show and the revival, are available to stream on Paramount+.

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