• George Miller is open to directing Thor 5 with Chris Hemsworth, praising his acting skills and versatility.
  • Miller’s previously worked on Justice League: Immortal before its cancelation.
  • His potential involvement in the Marvel franchise could bring exciting new energy and opportunities to the table.

Legendary Mad Max director George Miller has commented on the possibility of directing Thor 5 after working with Avengers star Chris Hemsworth on Furiosa. The visionary film-maker, who has also set his sights on making another Mad Max movie – titled The Wasteland – says the prospect of reuniting with Hemsworth on any project would be very welcome. Those comments could well see the most exciting candidate for Thor 5 moving up on Marvel’s call list.

Previously attached to the unfortunately doomed Justice League: Immortal, which pre-dated the DCEU and was canceled partway through production, Miller has long been touted as a possible big name director for Marvel. And now, when asked by ComicBookwhether he would consider directing a potential Thor 5, Miller was surprisingly positive:

“I would work with Chris on anything. I really would. He’s a wonderful actor. He’s got the full range of all the skills. I mean, you’ve got to be athletic, physically. But, you also gotta be athletic emotionally and intellectually to take on these very, ultimately fairly complex, any role really. So, I was very lucky with all my cast and particularly in the way that Anya and Chris matched each other. Particularly towards the end of the month.”

Miller would be an incredible coup by the MCU, particularly with increased scrutiny around the franchise’s recent performance, and suggestions of wholesale changes to Marvel Studios’ approach. Even with Thor: Love & Thunder’s comparatively less impressive critical response, it still drew $760m at the global box office, and retiring Hemsworth’s hero would not make sense.


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George Miller has a lot going for him as a potential candidate for Thor 5’s director: Justice League: Immortal aside, he has earned $1.2bn collectively at the box office as a director, and has handled a major action franchise already. More specifically, he also has an incredible gift for set-pieces, stories driven by revenge (which Hercules’ debut in Thor 4‘s post-credits set up), and the kind of grandiose characters that Marvel’s Asgardian franchise demands. He also knows how to balance comedy, pathos, and stunning action, as his Mad Max track record proves impressively.

Miller also has the backing of Chris Hemsworth, who has spoken in glowing terms about working with him, and his new-found respect for the director. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Hemsworth talked about his desire to work with a certain kind of director in future, and specifically called out Miller:

I’m just at the point of my life where I’m meeting with different directors and [people say] “Oh yeah, look, he’s a mad genius. He’s mad, but he’s a genius and he’ll make great films.” I’m like, “Is that who I want to spend my days with?” Four months, five months of shooting and then you’ve got press and possible reshoots and so on.

Now, if something’s going to pull me away from my family and my kids, it’s got to be a positive, constructive, collaborative experience. I shot with George Miller on the new prequel to Fury Road, part of the Mad Max saga, and I said to my agent, “That’s where I want to spend my work hours; with someone who is kind and collaborative and interesting.”

That sort of dynamic is key in film-making, and arguably puts Miller ahead of other named contenders for the as-yet-unconfirmed Thor 5. What we know is that Thor has unfinished business in the MCU that is more personal than him only appearing in Avengers movies can account for. Brett Goldstein’s Hercules is on his trail, and having Milller borrow some of his immaculate Mad Max chase scenes into the MCU would be a ridiculously good prospect.

Thor 5

Thor 5 continues Chris Hemsworth’s MCU journey as the Asgardian God of Thunder. It follows the events of Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder, where the hero visited Omnipotence City and tried to kill Zeus (Russell Crowe), and its post-credits scene, where the Greek deity orders his son, Brett Goldstein’s Olympian demigod Hercules, to exact revenge.

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