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  • Maya Rudolph brings iconic energy back to
    with hilarious sketches, including an unforgettable Beyoncé impression on Hot Ones.
  • Rudolph showcases her comedic talent and range in her return to Saturday Night Live with a ridiculous sketch about British cavemen.
  • Rudolph shines in a coffee commercial sketch, struggling with a coffee addiction and delivering hilarious fart jokes.

Maya Rudolph took to Saturday Night Live again, after serving as a cast member on the show for years, with musical guest Vampire Weekend. The episode was a celebration leading into Mother’s Day. Rudolph brought the iconic energy she had during her previous time on the show and had some pretty great new sketches as well!

Whether it be all about bringing back one of her iconic impressions or…farting her way through a television commercial, there is something special about having Rudolph back on Saturday Night Live and these are the best sketches of the night!

Maya Rudolph Is Beyoncé on Hot Ones

Beyoncé Knowles (played by Rudolph) is back on Hot Ones with host Sean Evans (played by Mikey Day). Trying to make up for the fact that the last time she was on the show, she couldn’t handle the spice, Rudolph’s Beyoncé is determined to do better on the gauntlet this time around. But much like the first time she attempted to eat these hot wings, it doesn’t go the way she planned. She ends up eating her cocoa butter lotion (which costs thousands of dollars) to try to cool herself down.

Every time they bite into a new wing, she pretends for a moment that she is okay but it’s painfully obvious how hot these are, and, even though she reminds Evans that she is from Texas, it is not enough to survive the Hot Ones gauntlet without being a sweaty, weeping mess by the end — including throwing milk in Evans’ face because her bones feel like they are on fire.

British Cavemen Invent Gossip on ‘SNL’

There are some sketches so hilariously simple that they just work and a documentary about what British cavemen sounded like hits the mark. The host (James Austin Johnson) takes us to England during the cavemen era. He talks about how these cavemen communicated and what they did differently from American cavemen. What seems to be the most glaringly obvious is the fact that these cavemen seem to have British accents even when they are not using words to talk to one another.

Saying “whhhhhhaaaaaaat?” in a British accent and then having Kenan Thompson say “Bloody hot innit” when he accidentally burns his hand is hilarious and just a very sweet simple sketch to round out the night.

Maya Rudolph Gets a Coffee Addiction on ‘SNL’

Famous actress Dawn Farraway (Rudolph), who is probably supposed to be a reference to Faye Dunaway— and also happens to be Yang’s social media handle — is doing a coffee commercial. Unfortunately, she turns into a nightmare actress when she gets too distracted by how good the coffee is and cannot stop drinking it — despite being told she should never drink coffee under any circumstances. This actress cannot remember her lines, which, if she’s supposed to be spoofing Dunaway, is extra funny given the La La Land Oscars mishap.

Just when she’s starting to figure things out, she starts farting her way through the commercial, and it is giving RuPaul’s Drag Race when the queens were acting in “Daytona Wind,” but who doesn’t love a good fart joke?

The full episode of Saturday Night Live is available to stream on Peacock in the U.S.


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