• Alcock’s Supergirl may debut in DC Universe before upcoming solo film, possibly appearing in Superman movie with Corenswet.
  • Fans await reveal of Alcock’s Supergirl suit in the DC Universe, curious about costume direction following Corenswet’s Superman style.
  • Speculation abounds about potential similarities between Corenswet and Alcock’s superhero outfits, including House of El symbol.

Milly Alcock’s Supergirl gets a similar Superman costume reveal to David Corenswet in new DC Universe artwork. With James Gunn’s DC Universe is on its way, the first movie to come out of the franchise will be Superman, featuring Corenswet as the next live-action version of the DC legend. However, Gunn’s Superman movie will allegedly also feature the DC Universe debut of Alcock’s Supergirl ahead of her solo film.

As Gunn revealed Corenswet’s Superman costume, many are definitely wondering what Alcock’s Supergirl suit will end up looking like in the DC Universe. Following Gunn’s official reveal, Hip Beach shared new DC Universe fan art where Alcock’s Kara Zor-El recreates Corenswet’s big suit-up moment.

While reports have claimed that Alcock’s Supergirl is in the Superman movie, Gunn has only commented by saying, “I never even said she was in the movie.” However, Gunn has also not denied this possibility outright, leaving many to speculate that Alcock’s Supergirl being part of the Superman movie cast is meant to be a surprise.


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What DCU’s Superman Costume Suggests About Supergirl’s Own Suit

Corenswet’s Superman costume being a mixture of traditional and new approaches does raise the question of whether there will be a similar direction for Alcock’s Supergirl uniform. While the Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow movie has been confirmed to be based on the comic series of the same name, Gunn has revealed very little about other elements related to Kara. However, Corenswet’s version of the Superman outfit may be an indicator of how DC Studios may handle the Supergirl suit.

In the Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow comic, Kara has a more traditional costume, but has gone on to have a few new looks in DC Comics. It wouldn’t be shocking if perhaps Alcock’s iteration of Supergirl gets a combination for her DC Universe look, in order to line up with the approach taken for Corenswet’s Superman. If Alcock ends up being in the Superman movie, that may be where her costume gets shown first, unless she gets an upgrade for the Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow film.

The bigger mystery is whether or not Corenswet and Alcock’s Superman and Supergirl will have the same House of El symbol, as recent comics have seen them with slightly different versions of their respective costumes. It will still be exciting to finally see Clark and Kara together on the big screen, as the two Kryptonian cousins have never gotten to share the same space cinematically. Hopefully, more news on Kara’s potential role in the Superman movie, as well as what is going on with Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, will emerge sooner rather than later.

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