• The tragic fate of the Kaminoan people from the prequel trilogy has finally been confirmed in a new Star Wars book.
  • The Secrets of the Clone Troopers reveals that the Kaminoans are now extinct, likely due to an Imperial attack on Kamino.
  • The Empire’s need to eliminate the Kaminoans due to their cloning expertise led to their demise in the galaxy.

A new Star Wars book confirmed the tragic fate of one prequel trilogy-era alien race, making a plotline from Star Wars’ movies and TV shows even more brutal. While the original Star Wars trilogy introduced numerous alien species, from Jawas to Hutts, the prequel trilogy added still more and fleshed them out considerably, even including some among the ranks of Star Wars’ most powerful Jedi. However, one alien race from the prequel trilogy had a heartbreaking demise, which has only been confirmed now, nearly two decades after the release of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

In the interactive, illustrated guidebook Star Wars: The Secrets of the Clone Troopers, written by Marc Sumerak, a page containing information about the planet of Kamino seemingly confirms that the Kaminoan people are now extinct. The text indicates:

“Located in the far-flung reaches of the galaxy, this water-covered world was home to a race of brilliant scientists. The Kaminoans were the galaxy’s foremost experts in cloning long before they were ever conscripted to build an army for the Republic.”

Based on the past tense throughout the excerpt, particularly when describing who the Kaminoans had been, The Secrets of the Clone Troopers suggests that, following the Imperial attack on Kamino in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, all Kaminoans were wiped out.

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Star Wars Has Confirmed The Kaminoans Were Wiped Out

In the Bad Batch season 1 ending, the clones’ home planet of Kamino came under attack, and the capital city of the planet, Tipoca City, in which their cloning facility was housed, was destroyed. However, at the time, it wasn’t clear how many Kaminoans were affected by this onslaught. It was apparent that the loss of life following that event was staggering, and, given the episode’s title being “Kamino Lost,” significant damage had obviously been done. However, that attack represented just one city, which didn’t seem to spell the demise of every single Kaminoan.

Now, sadly, Star Wars appears to have confirmed that this alien race has been completely eradicated from the galaxy. With The Secrets of the Clone Troopers so explicitly describing who the Kaminoans ‘were,’ it seems the entire race was wiped out and is now consigned to history. While it isn’t clarified whether that demise occurred at the same time Tipoca City fell, it does seem highly likely that the Empire was to blame, meaning the full eradication would have taken place at some point during the Dark Times.

While tragic, this does make sense. As the same excerpt identifies, the Kaminoans were uniquely skilled with cloning science and technology. While that was convenient for the Republic and was utilized throughout the Clone Wars, it became a threat for the Empire as they were hatching their own plans. Specifically, with Project Necromancer and Palpatine’s resurrection plan requiring clones, the Empire simply couldn’t allow Kamino to stand or Kaminoans to survive. Sadly, this supports the suggestion in The Secrets of the Clone Troopers that this alien race has been truly eradicated in Star Wars.


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