• Stephen King raves about the Spanish movie
    The Coffee Table,
    calling it “horrible and horribly funny,” comparable to the Coen Brothers.
  • King’s recommendation holds weight, potentially helping
    The Coffee Table
    gain new viewers and recognition in the horror genre.
  • Despite its controversial content, the film has gained attention and might appeal to horror fans looking for something especially disturbing.

Legendary horror novelist Stephen King shares his rave review of the little-known Spanish movie The Coffee Table. Directed by Caye Casas, The Coffee Table is a 2022 Spanish black-comedy horror movie starring Josep Riera, David Pareja, Estefanía de los Santos, and Claudia Riera. Known for his extensive work in the horror genre, King rose to fame with his debut novel Carrie and has written a total of 66 books. Many of his works, including IT, The Shining, The Green Mile, and Salem’s Lot, have been adapted for the screen.


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Well-known for his outspoken views and opinions on pop culture, King has taken to X, formerly Twitter, to give his review of The Coffee Table. Check out King’s full post below:

He has claimed The Coffee Table is one of the blackest movies he has ever seen. Labeling it as “horrible and also horribly funny,” and describing it as being akin to “the Coen Brothers’ darkest dream,” he heaped praise on the movie, which he notes is available on Apple TV+ and Prime Video.

Could King’s Review Help The Coffee Table Gain New Viewers?

King’s Recommendations Hold A Great Deal Of Weight

a couple standing in the middle of a furniture store with their backs to the camera, facing a salesman looking down at an ornate coffee table in The Coffee Table

The Coffee Table is a controversial movie, following a Spanish couple with a newborn baby who purchase a coffee table after being told the glass is indestructible, only for tragedy to befall them. With a particularly graphic and shocking moment that would disturb even the most hardcore of horror fans, this is a film that the King of Horror clearly approves of. King often posts rave reviews about the movies and shows he enjoys, but this is still very high praise indeed from the man.

Foreign movies often lack an audience in the United States, but they can enjoy a spike of interest if they are publicly supported by successful or renowned celebrities, and King certainly falls into this bracket. His opinion on what constitutes great horror often carries a lot of weight. King often recommends horror books, movies, and shows, so his tweet could see a spike in interest in the film domestically. Due to the controversial subject matter of The Coffee Table, it is unlikely it will ever achieve mainstream prominence, but many horror films thrive with a devoted underground audience.

The Coffee Table
placed #10 on El Mundo’s top 10 best Spanish movies of 2023.

The window of time when audiences can watch The Coffee Table might be small and will depend on the streaming run it has. King is clearly a fan of the movie, and his comments should come as a positive to horror buffs looking to find a new movie to watch. Although it is not particularly well-known in the United States, now is the perfect time for viewers to discover The Coffee Table for themselves, and enjoy some very graphic horror, endorsed by the master himself.

Source: Stephen King/X/Twitter

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