• Civil War
    will debut on digital platforms on May 24.
  • The movie is the latest directorial effort from
    Ex Machina
    writer-director Alex Garland.
  • With a $50 million production budget,
    Civil War
    is A24’s most expensive movie to date.

Civil War now has an official video on demand release date. The movie, which has a $50 million budget and is thus the most expensive title put out by independent entertainment company A24, is the new project from Ex Machina and Annihilation writer-director Alex Garland. It follows a group of reporters who are documenting a war on American soil that occurs when California and Texas attempt to secede from the Union. The Civil War box office opened to $25 million and has so far gone on to gross $108 million worldwide, more than doubling its production budget.

A24 has now announced that their theatrical hit Civil War, which is the second highest-performing title ever behind the Best Picture winner Everything Everywhere All At Once, will be available at home via digital platforms on May 24. At the time of writing, there is no word on a date for a physical media or subscription streaming release. However, the movie is set to be available to pre-order on video on demand platforms including Prime Video shortly.

Civil War May Have Found The Perfect Digital Release Date

The Hit A24 Movie Has Some Competition, But It’s Still Well-Timed

Kirsten Dunst's Lee holds her camera ready to shoot in Civil War

While the Civil War release landing on VOD just over a month after its theatrical premiere might seem a bit quick, this video on demand timeline has become more and more common in the years since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down theaters worldwide in 2020. This date is also perfectly timed to take advantage of the impending Memorial Day three-day holiday weekend. The extra time at home, family gatherings, and military theme that come attached to the holiday could make the A24 thriller movie the perfect at-home viewing option for many.

The Memorial Day holiday weekend only takes place in the United States, but while the digital release will not have the same inherent draw in international territories, the domestic date is still well-timed. This is because the majority of the box office for the Civil War movie has come from the domestic market. While it has performed well in international markets too, this makes sense because the movie is rooted in American politics and geography in a way that most blockbuster action movies are not. Below, see a breakdown of how the movie has performed financially overall:

Civil War Box Office Performance

Domestic Total

$65.2 million

International Total

$42.8 million

Global Total

$108 million

One major impediment to the Civil War digital release is the fact that it comes on the same day that George Miller’s prequel Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is released in theaters. The hotly anticipated dystopian action movie may be too similar of a title for audiences to want to see both movies in the same weekend. However, in spite of this competition, being available on Memorial Day weekend is still likely a stronger choice for the release than trailing behind the holiday by a week or more.

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