• Ella Purnell stars in horror-comedy
    The Scurry
    , fighting killer squirrels.
  • Director Craig Roberts brings his quirky style to his horror debut.
  • With a talented cast,
    The Scurry
    has the potential to be a hilarious horror film.

Ella Purnell has been cast in a new horror movie, The Scurry, about killer squirrels, as a next project. Purnell recently starred in the hit Prime Video series Fallout, playing the lead character of Lucy MacLean. Purnell is also known for her roles in Kick-Ass 2, Never Let Me Go, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and the stirring indie drama Wildlike.

The Scurry
does not yet have a release date.

As per Screen Daily, Purnell has now been cast in an upcoming horror-comedy called The Scurry. The film is directed by Criag Roberts’ and has started filming in the UK. Purnell’s role in The Scurry will be as one of the main characters, a park worker who employs her survival skills in order to combat the vicious rodents. True Brit Entertainment is the co-producer and distributor on the film.

Why The Scurry Has The Potential to Be Great Horror Comedy

Craig Roberts looking at the camera in 2010's Submarine

For The Scurry, Purnell joins a cast that currently includes Rhys Ifans, Antonia Thomas, and Paapa Essiedu. Essiedu is known for playing a key role in the series I May Destroy You as well as the Alex Garland horror film Men. Ifans is a well-versed actor who has been in everything from the mainstream (e.g. Notting Hill and The Amazing Spider-Man) to wacky works such as Mr. Nobody. With Purnell’s recent name recognition from her starring role in Fallout, she is a great addition to this interesting cast.

One of the more interesting choices on The Scurry team comes from the behind-the-scenes helmer, director Roberts. While he has previously directed three feature films, Roberts got his start in acting. His breakout role came in Richard Ayoade’s 2010 film Submarine, where he played a Wes Anderson-esque, dry-humored teen named Oliver Tate. With The Scurry, Roberts will be making his debut in the horror genre. Given the oddball nature of squirrel killers as the main monster, however, it seems that some of Roberts’ more peculiar work will well-equip him to take on the horror comedy.

Between this cast and crew, The Scurry has the opportunity to become a great horror comedy. In concept alone, killer squirrels have the potential to be a comedic antagonist much like the drugged-up bear in Cocaine Bear or films of the like. From the initial synopsis, it is unclear whether the squirrels in The Scurry will be supersized rodents or just typical forest-dwellers gone rogue. Either way, audiences are likely in for a balance of screams and hollers of laughter once The Scurry hits theaters.

Source: Screen Daily

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