• Chris Hemsworth confirms that
    Extraction 3
    is in the writing process.
  • It’s not clear when the movie will start filming, but progress is being made.
  • Both Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave have other projects lined up that could delay
    Extraction 3

Extraction 3 gets an upbeat new update from Chris Hemsworth. After the success of the first Extraction in 2020, director Sam Hargrave and Hemsworth reteamed for a sequel, continuing the story of mercenary Tyler Rake. The success of the sequel last summer led to confirmation of Extraction 3, though the film still doesn’t yet have a release window.

In a recent interview with Collider, Hemsworth shares a new update on the threequel, confirming that work on Extraction 3 is ongoing. While the actor isn’t sure when the movie will start filming or when it might come out on Netflix, it sounds like progress is being made behind the scenes. Check out Hemsworth’s full comment below:

“We’re in the middle of sort of writing, prepping, getting it ready. I don’t know when we’re gonna start, but it’s in the works.”

There’s A Chance It’s Not Coming Anytime Soon

As a former stunt performer, Hargrave has been crucial to making the two Extraction movies the successes that they have become. The action and fight sequences in the films are hard-hitting and a cut above the average action thriller. Hargrave, then, will seemingly be instrumental to bringing the third movie to life, but his schedule for the foreseeable future is now looking quite busy.


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Hargrave is set to direct action thriller Kill Them All for Paramount and was also just announced as the director for an adaptation of Matchbox, the beloved Mattel toy line. The order of these three projects isn’t yet clear, but if Kill Them All and Matchbox come before Extraction 3, the Hemsworth action thriller sequel could still be five or six years away. It’s entirely possible, however, that Hargrave will re-team with Hemsworth and the rest of the Extraction cast sooner than that depending on how development goes on the three projects.

Hemsworth too, is currently attached to star in a Hulk Hogan biopic, which could add to the scheduling challenges. While the Extraction 2 ending sets up another intense adventure to come, there are currently a number of variables that make it a challenge to predict when it could actually start filming. Even if it takes a while, however, Hemsworth’s latest comment affirms that Extraction 3 is most definitely coming.

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