• Phoebe and Melody’s relationship in
    Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
    is clarified as a close friendship by Mckenna Grace.
  • While some viewers speculated on a romantic connection, Grace confirms Phoebe and Melody share a bond of friendship, though there’s still an opening for audiences to interpret something more.
  • Melody’s departure at the end of the movie suggests a closure to their friendship for now, with possible potential for her return later.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire star Mckenna Grace has clarified the relationship between Phoebe and Melody in the movie, more thoroughly explaining the bond the two of them share. During the film, Phoebe ends up forming a close friendship with a ghost, Melody, who is originally under the control of Garraka before she’s convinced to help the movie’s heroes. While it’s never explicitly stated, some viewers theorized the pair had a romantic connection given how close they wound up getting by the end of the film.

Speaking with ComicBook, Grace clarified the relationship between the pair in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, such as how Phoebe’s fascination with ghosts led to how close she got to Melody. The actor also explained that, while she’s happy audiences had different interpretations of their relationship, to her, it was just a close friendship between the two. Check out what Grace had to say below:

I think that Phoebe in general has a massive fascination with the afterlife, and with what it would be like to be a ghost, so I think that’s another added layer — because what humans is Phoebe really friends with? She has Podcast, but that’s because he kind of forced her to be his friend. It’s such a funny dynamic, those two, I love it. They’re an unlikely pair. But what humans does Phoebe really connect with? She kind of just views everybody like, ‘You guys are not as smart as me. I can’t converse with you, you just don’t get it.’ Phoebe’s her own person.

With Phoebe and Melody, I think the entire dynamic is set up and shaded in the light that Phoebe is kind of at her most vulnerable. Obviously, there is a bit of a twist in that relationship and there is a bit of Phoebe feeling taken advantage of by that friendship. I think that there is, at the core of it, a friendship, relationship, that Phoebe has never experienced before. She kind of met Melody at a time where she was completely isolated. She felt like her family had turned on her, she was no longer allowed to be a Ghostbuster, she didn’t really have anything. So that was somebody that she felt like saw her — that got her as a person. And she was also very fascinated with the ghost element of it all, so I think it was just a close relationship that Phoebe had never had before, and she felt seen in a moment of vulnerability. So to me, I think that whatever people want to relate to in their relationship, I’m excited and happy that people can see themselves in the characters, but for me, it was just a friendship that Phoebe had never experienced before, and so she was just so enthralled by Melody and fascinated.

Could Melody Return In Another Ghostbusters Movie?

Melody at a restaurant in Ghostbusters Frozen Empire

While the closeness of their relationship could be interpreted as romantic, it’s never explicitly stated, meaning Grace’s interpretation is likely closest to what was intended during production of the film. Even so, Melody is one of the more unique characters in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, as her friendship with Phoebe transcends the worlds each of them is from. Although it’s later revealed she was helping Garraka in hopes of transcending to the afterlife, she has a change of heart by the end thanks to how strong their relationship is.

Even so, the movie appears to close the door on her returning anytime soon. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire ends with her helping Nadeem use his powers to defeat Garraka, apologizing to Phoebe before finally going to the afterlife. The bittersweet moment seems to put an end to their friendship for now. The pair are unlikely to see each other again, unless a future movie in the franchise more readily explores what happens to ghosts after they make peace with their time on Earth.

Even though Grace interprets the relationship between Phoebe and Melody as a friendship, she still offers a way for audiences to view it as something more if they so choose. However, if Melody does return despite her departure in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, it may not include acknowledgment of a possibly closer relationship between the duo. Even so, she is a memorable addition to the franchise, which could warrant her return at some point down the road. When she does, though, it’s unclear in what capacity that will be.

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