• The Naked Gun
    reboot is hyped by star Paul Walter Hauser, who says he’s excited to see it.
  • Hauser is excited to play alongside Liam Neeson and be the straight man to his “comedic chaos.”
  • The movie’s release in July 2025 will feature Pamela Anderson alongside other confirmed cast members like Danny Huston and Kevin Durand.

Paul Walter Hauser teases his role alongside Liam Neeson in the forthcoming The Naked Gun reboot. Based on a concept from comedy trio Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker, this crime comedy film series, which was first released in 1988, follows an incompetent detective, Frank Drebin, across various missions. The release of the first movie was largely successful, and this prompted two other sequels which further pushed the renown of the franchise. Decades after the release of the original movie, a Naked Gun reboot is in the works with Neeson in the lead role.

Now, speaking in an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Hauser, who was recently confirmed to be playing Captain Ed Hocker, Frank Drebin’s partner, reveals that it’s been fun working alongside Neeson. He also reveals that he’s been a lifelong fan of Akiva Schaffer, the director of the Naked Gun reboot, and he’s eagerly looking forward to when the movie eventually gets released. Read his full quote below:

Yeah, that’s funny. Cody [Rhodes] was cast before me. Yeah, that’s really funny. Cody’s actually a good actor. I think he’ll do a good job in that movie. And I’ve read the role, it’s a fun part. Yeah, I play Frank Drebin’s partner. He’s played by Liam Neeson this time around, and
I get to, in some ways, be the straight man to his comedic chaos,
and it has been a lot of fun. I’m a massive lifelong fan of Akiva Schaffer, I think Popstar and Hot Rod, and I Think You Should Leave, just everything he’s had his hand in, I think really is comedic brilliance. And I just wanted, I would’ve served sandwiches on an Akiva Schaffer set, so to get to play opposite Liam Neeson and have scenes with the Danny Huston’s, and Kevin Durand’s and Pam Anderson’s, it’s pretty awesome, man. I really look forward to this one.

What To Expect From The Naked Gun Reboot

The Naked Gun Can Be Original, Yet Similar To The Classic Movies

The Naked Gun became quite successful following its release in 1988 for a number of reasons. Its unique comedic styling was one of its major selling points, as it barraged its audience with a cocktail of crude and absurd jokes, whimsical jests, and slapstick antics. While this sort of comedy might have been a turn-off for some, the movies’ cast members were a major reason why they landed so well, especially due to lead star Leslie Nielsen, whose brilliant delivery and acting work contributed greatly to its success and overall legacy.

Since news of The Naked Gun reboot first emerged many years ago, progress has been somewhat slow, leading to uncertainty over whether it would ever come to fruition. At long last, though, the project is in production and currently slated to premiere next year. Plot details are unknown right now, but various reports have stated that Neeson is actually playing Frank Drebin Jr., the son of Nielsen’s original detective. This could give the new Naked Gun a unique connection to the original movies while also charting its own path with a new, albeit similar, character.


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Hauser’s comments confirm Drebin will still be the comedic side of the central partnership, so his original personality could remain intact. It has also been confirmed that Baywatch star Pamela Anderson will star in a mystery role. Aside from the aforementioned actors, the other confirmed cast members include Danny Huston, Kevin Durand, and WWE star Cody Rhodes. With The Naked Gun reboot scheduled for release in July 2025, more details should arrive in the coming months.

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