• Netflix unveils preview images of
    Back in Action
    with Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx, set to release on November 15.
  • Diaz took a hiatus from acting in 2014 but returns in this spy comedy after being persuaded by Foxx.
  • The upcoming film features retired CIA agents dragged back into espionage, promising action and comedy with a star-studded cast.

Netflix upcoming spy comedy Back In Actions first preview images have been revealed by the service alongside its release date, showing off Cameron Diaz’s return to acting after a ten-year hiatus alongside Jamie Foxx. Directed by Seth Gordon, the upcoming feature sees Diaz and Foxx portray Emily and Matt, a pair of former CIA agents dragged back into the world of espionage once their identities are exposed to the world. Back in Action also stars Glenn Close, Kyle Chandler, Andrew Scott, and Jamie Demetriou.

With Netflix confirming Back in Action will release on November 15, the platform has revealed new images of the spy comedy, primarily focusing on its two leading stars while carefully hiding any spoilers.

In four of the new images, Emily and Matt can be seen joining forces across high-end events, as well as cold, snowy fields. The fifth and final image featured Diaz and Foxx’s agents alongside Close and Demetriou’s currently unknown characters, captivated by what appears to be a computer screen in a library.

Why Did Cameron Diaz Go On An Acting Hiatus?

And Why Did She Choose This Movie To Make Her Comeback?

Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz) and Lynn (Phyllis Smith) drinking in a bar in Bad Teacher

Despite being a recognizable star in Hollywood throughout her career, from her voice role as Princess Fiona throughout the Shrek movie series, The Mask, Charlie’s Angels, The Holiday, Gangs of New York, and There’s Something About Mary, Diaz would step out of the limelight into a hiatus beginning in 2014. While Cameron never initially explained her hiatus, Selma Blair caused a stir when she mistakenly stated that Diaz had retired from acting permanently, which she’d later clarify on social media. Diaz would later reveal that she became exhausted by traveling, leading to her hiatus until Back In Action.


Cameron Diaz’s 2024 Movie Comeback Will Definitely Make You Feel Old

Cameron Diaz is making her return in a 2024 Netflix movie, and while her comeback is incredibly exciting, its definitely making us feel old.

Despite this hiatus, Diaz has branched out into other careers during her break from acting, becoming a writer while also launching several business ventures, alongside a guest appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 7. With Back In Action, Foxx managed to convince his former Annie co-star to take on the project out of personal enjoyment above all else. However, the star might only just be returning to acting, but she has already chosen her next role, as Diaz will star alongside Keanu Reeves in Apple’s black comedy Outcome.

With her status as a Hollywood icon, Diaz’s return to acting is highly anticipated by many. Those who grew up with her performances will be keen to see just how Back In Action will allow her to step back into the limelight once more. And with the latest preview images, Diaz’s return with this upcoming Netflix movie is setting up to be enjoyable action fare for all.

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Back in Action Temp Movie Poster

Back in Action

Back in Action is an action-comedy film directed by Seth Gordon. Two retired spies, Emily and Matt, are forced to return to the field after their identities are burned, sending them on a mission to discover the ones responsible.

Seth Gordon

Exhibit A , Chernin Entertainment , Good One Productions


Seth Gordon , Brendan O’Brien

Jamie Foxx , Cameron Diaz , Kyle Chandler , Andrew Scott , Jamie Demetriou , Glenn Close

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