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  • Teresa Giudice is done defending her husband and promises an “eye-opening” Season 14.
  • Giudice faces scrutiny over her marriage to Ruelas and ongoing feud with family members.
  • Giudice and Jennifer Aydin were accused of leaking
    stories, sparking more drama.

Teresa Giudice has had it. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star exclaims that she is done defending her husband, Luis Ruelas, after facing criticism and hate online. Reality Tea reports that Giudice is going to sit back and let the “facts speak for themselves” and promises an “eye-opening” Season 14 of the reality series, which premiered on May 4. She is going to stand by her husband, no matter what.

The couple have been married since 2022, but fans of the show have been skeptical of Ruelas. They have been seeing red flags since the moment they tied the knot, and Giudice is sick of it. Even some cast members took jabs at their marriage. When she appeared on The Talk, Giudice let it be known that she was tired of defending him.

I’m done defending this season,” she expressed. “I can’t wait for everyone to see this season because I come out with facts – black and white facts that I can’t wait for everyone to see. And it’s going to be very eye-opening. My poor husband. When I first met him, this is all new to him. He didn’t understand reality TV but now he is, unfortunately, adjusted to it.”

“This is his third season,” she continues, “I mean, I feel bad for him because he did go through a lot, and I’m glad he didn’t run away from me because he could have, just because it was tough. He didn’t sign up for this. He met Teresa Giudice not thinking that a lot of my cast members were gonna attack him on my show, which they did because they were trying to get me, and they knew they didn’t have anything on me, so instead they figured, ‘Let’s hurt the person she loves,’ and that’s what they’ve been doing.”

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The ‘RHONJ’ Continues to Face Scrutiny

Teresa Giudice yelling at Melissa Gorga, with her arms raised above her head and holding a glass of wine in her left hand
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Giudice and Ruelas are indeed going strong. The housewife had already addressed rumors that she and Ruelas were divorcing, as she went to Miami without him. The couple has always traveled as a family. She shot the rumors down on her podcast Namaste B$tches, clarifying that Ruelas told her to go to Miami without him, which is something she appreciates.


Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Aydin Accused of Leaking ‘RHONJ’ Stories

Teresa and Jennifer are in for some serious explaining when it comes to their most recent online scandal.

Giudice is not only facing scrutiny because of her marriage to Ruelas. She is also still caught up in a feud with her brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa Gorga and no one seems to be shaking hands and waving the white flag soon. Gorga has recently expressed that he was “disgusted” with Giudice after she brought up in an interview with The Talk that her parents said that she was on the “right” side of the feud. The siblings’ mother passed away in 2017, and their father passed away three years later.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has also come under fire alongside fellow housewife Jennifer Aydin after the pair were accused of leaking ‘RHONJ’ stories. Giudice’s rival, Gorga, responded to the allegations, expressing embarrassment. Giudice and Aydin have yet to respond.

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