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  • In
    Season 7 Episode 8, Bobby’s past comes back to haunt him when Dr. Amir, a burn unit doctor with a personal vendetta, enters the picture.
  • Dr. Amir blames Bobby for the tragic events of an apartment fire, seeking revenge and causing trouble in Episode 8.
  • The tension escalates as Dr. Amir’s anger and desire for justice collide with Bobby’s efforts to move on and better himself.

The past is here, and it has come to haunt Bobby Nash. 9-1-1 Season 7 Episode 8 promises to be a Bobby-centric hour, not in the typical “Begins” manner. The apartment fire that separates Bobby’s life affects more than himself, and he will meet someone just as equally affected, if not more. Episode 7 introduced Dr Amir, a doctor in the hospital burn unit who was also once a victim, and the trappings are in his facial scars. As soon as he was introduced, it became clear that he had a rigid moral framework and was connected to Bobby. A new sneak peek into the episode takes us into their first interaction as Bobby realizes who stands in front of him.

The video begins with Bobby encouraging members of the AA meeting to share. “Anyone else have a burning desire to share?” Bobby asks, and almost immediately, Dr Amir accepts the offer. “I have something I would like to share,” he says. Dr Amir takes the stage and delivers one gut-wrenching revelation. “My name is Amir, and I shouldn’t be here, but I am. 10 years ago, an apartment fire in Minnesota almost took my life. There are times I wish it had. It did for 148 other people, including the one I was supposed to walk through life with. I shouldn’t have made it to the hospital, but now I walk alone. And the one responsible for the fire, well, he walked away,” he says as Bobby stares in disbelief when he realizes that someone from his past had found him. And he literally carries the scars of that day to this day.

Dr. Amir Seeks Revenge

Amir is very angry. He seems to have worked hard to overcome his anger, but he can’t help it at times. When he met Maddie, he immediately made it clear that he places responsibility on some when things go wrong, no matter the circumstances. In this instance, he’s found the one responsible for his wife’s death and that of 147 other people. Bobby was a mess when he lived in Minnesota, and he’s come a long way, working on himself to become a better person. Dr. Amir is not aware of this, and even if he is, it doesn’t seem like he cares because he decides to put Bobby through the same pain that he suffered. The episode’s promo teases trouble for Bobby when Dr. Amir strikes.

Watch how it plays tonight at 8 PM on ABC. Catch up with past episodes on Hulu, and watch the sneak peek above.



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