• Horizon: An American Saga
    trailer offers a look at conflict, landscapes, and epic cinematography.
  • The film will be released in 2 parts, with the first part coming in June and the second in August.
  • Horizon
    will likely continue after Chapter 2.

The latest Horizon: An American Saga trailer has been released. Horizon is an upcoming Western film directed by Kevin Costner, that chronicles an epic story of the expansion of the American West before and after the Civil War period. Costner leads the cast of the Western, playing Hayes Ellison. In addition to Costner, Horizon’s leading cast includes Dale Dickey, Jena Malone, Abbey Lee, Tom Payne, Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Michael Angarano, Thomas Haden Church, Isabella Furman, Giovanni Ribisi, and Michael Rooker.

Now, Horizon has gotten a new epic trailer from Warner Bros. Pictures.

The trailer begins with a group of travelers riding on horseback, with Costner riding into frame, looking stoic. The Horizon trailer proceeds to introduce one of the main points of conflict within the film, which is between Hayes Ellison, as an outsider, and the people whose towns and areas he enters. Throughout the sweeping landscapes and moments of action, the trailer continues to explore these tensions as Costner’s character remains motivated by the conquest over the land.

Horizon’s Release Plan Explained — Is Part 3 Already On Its Way?

Men riding horses in Horizon: An American Saga

This Horizon trailer offers a look at the storyline that will be covered by both of the upcoming Horizon films. From this glimpse alone, it seems like Horizon will feature impressive cinematography, with wide-angle shots and vibrant color grading that captures the allure of the Western expanse. These grandiose cinematic moments will be coupled with more moments of more intimate and intense drama, as disputes break out over land ownership and control of it.

Horizon: An American Saga will be released as two parts, with the first part arriving next month, on June 28. This film will be followed up by Horizon: An American Saga Chapter 2, which releases on August 16. With two parts produced already, Costner is putting a lot of stake in the success of Horizon. Both films are already on the slate, so the second installment will be released even if the first were to flop. Hopefully, the release strategy will work in Costner’s favor, but it is risky.

As both parts of Horizon have continued production, rumors have circulated surrounding the creation of another installment. Last week, it was announced that Horizon Chapter 3 would start filming soon, reportedly before the release date of Horizon: An American Saga Chapter 1. While Costner is clearly passionate about the project, this ambitious filming schedule would be another risk for the actor-director. The Horizon trailer is promising so far, but only the box office can reveal whether the Western’s release strategy will have been effective.

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