• Screen Rant
    has a first look at Mutant’s unique posters for
    Late Night with the Devil
    , to be sold at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2024.
  • The posters were designed by Sara Deck and feature David Dastmalchian’s character Jack Delroy.
  • Late Night with the Devil
    reinvents found footage horror with a twist on the genre, set in a 1977 television studio for a stable viewing experience.

Late Night with the Devil is getting unique posters from collectible company Mutant tied to Texas Frightmare Weekend 2024, and Screen Rant has a first look. Released in US theaters in March 2024, the movie quickly became one of the year’s top rated horror offerings, garnering a 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Written and directed by Cameron and Colin Carines, the film stars David Dastmalchian, Laura Gordon, Ingrid Torelli, and more.

Screen Rant is happy to share a look at two stunning posters for Late Night with the Devil that will be sold at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2024. Designed by Sara Deck and sold as a 24-inch by 36-inch screenprint, the poster showcases David Dastmalchian’s Jack Delroy in the film’s key setting. There are even two variations of the poster perfect for Late Night with the Devil’s black-and-white-to-color shift—one colorful version (selling for $65) and a black-and-white variant ($80). If you’re not at Texas Frightmare Weekend this year, don’t fret—any unsold posters will be up for sale at at a later date.

Screen Rant’s Late Night with the Devil review praises the movie’s unique approach to the well-explored trope of found footage in horror films. The twist on the found footage concept in the film is evident in its title, as the footage in question is from the late-night show hosted by Dastmalchian’s Delroy. Because the movie takes place in a television studio, the found footage aspect is able to be realized through multiple camera angles and without the shaky, handheld style typical of the genre. The movie’s events still feel real, but the viewing experience is a more stable one.

In that way, Late Night with the Devil may have more in common with found footage horror movies like Unfriended that tell their stories through screens. The difference, of course, is the technology afforded by the movie’s 1977 setting. The old television cameras through which viewers watch the story unfold are grainier and translate color differently, giving Late Night with the Devil a unique look that sets it apart from other found footage films.

There are plenty of horror movies like Late Night with the Devil, but what truly sets it apart is the fact that it breaks out of its found-footage style at key points during the movie. For all the benefits of the genre’s immersion, the fact that found footage films stick to the idea that everything was previously recorded means they can be limited in scope and even character development. Late Night with the Devil utilizes the format to get audiences invested in the movie, but smartly breaks from it for the benefit of a more well-rounded and effective story.


Late Night with the Devil

posters will be available May 17 to 19 during Texas Frightmare Weekend 2024 at the Mutant booth (#111). Unsold posters will eventually be available for purchase at

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