• Actress Lisa Ann Walters hints at a possible sequel to
    The Parent Trap
    with talks of her return.
  • A potential sequel could see most of the original cast, including Lindsay Lohan and Walters.
  • Revisiting the iconic film could benefit from nostalgia and Lohan’s career resurgence.

Actress Lisa Ann Walters has given a positive update on a potential sequel to the hit 1998 film The Parent Trap. The movie, which starred Dennis Quaid, Natasha Richardson, and a young Lindsay Lohan playing the role of twins, who are separated at birth following their parents’ divorce. The pair reunite at summer camp and try to get their parents back together. The movie was a box office success, grossing just over $92 million against a production budget of just $15 million, and catapulted Lohan to stardom.

Walters, who played the character of housekeeper Chessy in the film, spoke at an ExtraTV red carpet event about the possibility of The Parent Trap 2 happening soon, as well as her possible return.

She recently spoke about the possibility of a sequel with Lohan’s publicist, saying there are talks about The Parent Trap 2 and that she would have a role. Walter’s also says she would insist on having co-star Elaine Hendricks return to her role as well.

I would love it. Y’know, I was just talking to her publicist yesterday. She’s going back to do Freaky Friday, and they were talking a little bit about another Parent Trap, like, segueing into the next thing, and they were “Oh there’ll be a part for you.” And I said, well that’s great, but I also have to put my best friend Elaine Hendricks in the movie, cos “Mean Meredith” needs to have redemption. And she’s my best friend in life, so I would love to play with her in something.

Will The Parent Trap 2 Happen?

Lohan Is Already Returning To An Iconic Role

With sequels and soft reboots being regularly produced, The Parent Trap could be ripe for another installment, especially as The Parent Trap still holds up well today. The nostalgia behind the movie after this long could help is be a box-office success. Though Quaid, Lohan, and most of The Parent Trap cast would be able to appear in a sequel, Richardson, sadly, would not after her death in 2009.


The Parent Trap Cast – Where Are They Now?

It’s been over 25 years since The Parent Trap premiered and Lindsay Lohan made her movie debut. What are she and the rest of the cast up to now?

This is not the first time Walter has spoken positively about the chances of The Parent Trap 2 being developed. While there is a good chance that Lohan and Walter would return for a sequel, fitting the character of Meredith, the gold-digging villain of the original movie, into the sequel would prove more problematic. Of course, as Walter touches on, a Meredith redemption arc could prove to be a focal point of any sequel story, but this remains to be seen.

Here is the possible cast list for The Parent Trap 2, if it gets made.

Cast Member


Lindsay Lohan

Hallie Parker/Annie James

Dennis Quaid

Nicholas Parker

Lisa Ann Walter


Elaine Hendricks

Meredith Blake

With Lohan enjoying a career resurgence of late, she will be returning to another iconic role for her in the upcoming Freaky Friday 2. The time could be right for her to revisit another of her successful projects from early in her career. From Walter’s comments, it seems that those involved in a potential sequel are keen to make it happen, and it will just be a case of getting the script finalized and putting the pieces in place to ensure that The Parent Trap 2 can be the best movie possible.

The Parent Trap
is available to stream on Disney+.

Source: ExtraTV/X

The Parent Trap (1998)

Nancy Meyers

Release Date
July 29, 1988

Lindsay Lohan , Dennis Quaid , natasha richardson , Elaine Hendrix , Lisa Ann Walter , Simon Kunz , Maggie Wheeler , Polly Holliday

128 Minutes

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