• Ryan Gosling dreams of joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Ghost Rider, showing his interest in superhero roles.
  • Despite not being approached by Kevin Feige yet, Gosling is eager and excited to play Ghost Rider in a Marvel movie.
  • Gosling shares some fun banter about superhero roles with Emily Blunt, showing his passion for acting in the MCU.

Ryan Gosling has not given up hope on joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as he still has a dream Marvel superhero he wants to portray in live-action. As The Multiverse Saga continues to add new heroes and villains, it has allowed more actors to board the the MCU. However, as big as the MCU continues to get, there are still many Hollywood actors who have expressed, over the years, wanting to take part in the franchise in one way or another.

In a recent episode of the Happy, Sad, Confused Podcast, Gosling was asked if he ever got followed up by Kevin Feige to play Ghost Rider after the Marvel Studios president showed his endorsement. While Gosling hasn’t heard anything yet, the Hollywood star is more than willing to still portray Ghost Rider in the MCU while also sharing some fun banter with Emily Blunt.

Ryan Gosling: I don’t know. I would love to, it would be amazing. Come in [and] be Ghost Rider.

Emily Blunt: I thought we wore it as a badge of honor that we weren’t in superhero movies.

Ryan Gosling: No, you do.


Casting Ghost Rider: 10 Actors Who Could Play Johnny Blaze In The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has plenty of fantastic options when it comes time to cast their version of Ghost Rider, specifically Johnny Blaze.

Why Ryan Gosling Is Perfect To Play Johnny Blaze

While time will tell if Gosling ever gets cast as an MCU character, Ghost Rider would be a perfect role for him. When it comes to Johnny Blaze, he is an intense player in the Marvel canon, but also someone with charisma and wit. A lot of those qualities that come with Johnny as Ghost Rider have been seen throughout Gosling’s many gigs over the last decade in the many films that he has starred in.

Gosling has also proven that he is a born action star, as Ghost Rider is one of Marvel’s more fun supernatural characters, which allows for some intriguing physical work. From Gosling’s recent performance in The Fall Guy, Marvel Studios would have the perfect Ghost Rider in him. Whether it would be Gosling starring in his own Ghost Rider movie or taking part in something like a Midnight Sons project, there are a lot of fun directions to go with him in the MCU if Feige were to hire him.

It would also be fun to see Gosling as Johnny alongside Gabriel Luna’s Robbie Reyes, a.k.a. Ghost Rider, bringing the two Spirits of Vengeance together in the MCU at last. With the supernatural side of the MCU still being established, it is only a matter of time before Ghost Rider becomes a main player in one way or another. Hopefully, Gosling will finally get his chance to play Ghost Rider in the MCU either during or after The Multiverse Saga.

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