• The CW’s President of Entertainment Brad Schwartz promises that
    Superman & Lois
    season 4 will be the show’s best season.
  • Schwartz’ comments suggest
    Superman & Lois
    will be the most consistent DC TV show in years.
  • Superman & Lois
    ‘ conclusion will mark the end of an important era for DC, being the last surviving part of the Arrowverse.

Superman & Lois season 4 will conclude the DC TV series with a bang, according to The CW’s President of Entertainment. Across three seasons, Superman & Lois has presented a full-scale cinematic experience in television format, exploring both classic and new elements of the Man of Steel’s lore. But as popular as it has been, Superman & Lois will end with season 4 in Fall 2024. Superman & Lois has been canceled due to Nexstar acquisition of The CW, which led to budget cuts and a series of major changes in the network’s plans.

As anticipation for Superman & Lois season 4 grows, The CW’s President of Entertainment Brad Schwartz shares his thoughts on the show’s conclusion. Speaking to TV Line about the future of various The CW properties, Schwartz brings especial attention to the high quality of Superman & Lois final ten episodes. Read Schwartz’ full comments below:

I have watched nine of the 10 episodes and [they are] f–king awesome. It is weekly event television. Greg Berlanti and the producers have constructed 10 bangers. They
go for it. I’ve cried twice watching [the first nine episodes], and I haven’t even gotten to the finale yet. It’s Emmy-worthy. And, by the way, you can watch this final season without having watched the previous [seasons] and still be emotionally invested in what is happening. It’s a wonderful, 10-episode, contained arc.

The CW DC TV Show’s Finale Will Be The End Of An Era

Although Superman & Lois‘ popularity would have allowed the series to continue for several seasons, the behind-the-scenes changes at The CW meant its cancelation was inevitable. However, Superman & Lois‘ early cancelation may have been a blessing in disguise, as all the creative team’s efforts can now go into ensuring that season 4 provides the best possible ending. The fact that The CW’s President of Entertainment believes Superman & Lois season 4 is award-worthy proves that the show’s conclusion was made with care and attention to detail.

A top-notch final season would only cement
Superman & Lois
as a highlight of The CW’s DC era.

If Superman & Lois does stick the landing, it will likely become the most consistent of all The CW’s DC TV shows. Other DC series such as The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl were also well received by the audience, but they weren’t without their slumping seasons. Not only has Superman and Lois topped the narrative and technical scope of previous DC shows, but it has also avoided the status quo that led some of them to a dragged-out cancelation. A top-notch final season would only cement Superman & Lois as a highlight of The CW’s DC era.

On that note, Superman & Lois is the perfect show to close The CW’s 12-year DC era. Superman made his Arrowverse debut without even showing his face in Supergirl season 1 — back when Supergirl wasn’t formally part of the Arrowverse. Fast-forward nine years, and Tyler Hoechlin has already played multiple versions of Superman, including one who fought alongside the Arrowverse’s DC universe and founded the Justice League, as well as one who has saved the Earth only with the help of his family.

Source: TV Line

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