The Big Picture

  • Evans faces turmoil post-divorce and custody battle.
  • Eason accuses Evans of drug addiction in a heated court case.
  • Eason brings up a strained relationship with Evans’ mother, causing emotional distress.

Jenelle Evans has had a lot of issues recently. Her son, Jace, didn’t want to live with her after Evans finally got custody from her mother, Barbara Evans, and he ran away multiple times. Now, she is going through a divorce from her ex David Eason and the reality star has gotten a six-month protective order from the state of North Carolina that bars Eason from talking about Evans on social media or coming to their home on the Land. That hasn’t stopped their court battle from turning for the worse. According to The Ashley, things got heated during their court case. Eason was representing himself, meaning he could directly ask Evans questions while she was under oath.

David accused her of being a drug addict, and said that Jenelle has taken Xanax the whole time they’ve been together,” the source said. “Jenelle rebutted the claim that she’s a drug addict, and said she was prescribed Xanax and has been taking it for the last three years to help with her esophagus spasms. She told the judge that if she gets nervous or anxious, it will flare up her esophagus spasms and she will throw up.”

The two went back and forth over Evans’ use of Xanax with Eason reportedly grilling her about her prescription. “David then asked Jenelle something like, ‘So, you’re denying that you’ve been taking Xanax since we’ve been together?’ And Jenelle said yes, only for the last three years or so.” That is how the two were talking back and forth until Eason brought up Evans’ relationship with her mother.

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David Eason Brings Up Jenelle Evans and Her Mothers’ Difficult Relationship jenelle evans and her son jace

From the time that Evans was on Teen Mom, she’s struggled with her mother and according to the source, Eason threw that in her face. “At one point when David was on the stand, Jenelle’s lawyer brought up some of the things David has texted Jenelle since the separation, which he felt was harassment,” the source said. “Jenelle stated that David had texted her ‘Even your mom hates you’ or something like that.’”


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According to the source, Eason’s response to that (while on the stand) was to say “Doesn’t your mom say that she doesn’t like you?” and it reportedly made Evans sob while in court. “Jenelle immediately burst into tears,” the source said. “She said it was wrong for him to bring up the problems she’s having with her mom.” Their relationship has been rocky in the past but clearly, this hit a nerve. What will happen with Evans and Eason’s case in the future remains to be seen.

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