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  • Bode surprised
    Fire Country
    fans by not objecting to Gabriela’s wedding, showing character growth and restraint.
  • Bode acknowledges he’s not the best fit for Gabriela, comparing himself to Diego.
  • Actor Max Thieriot jokes about Bode wanting to be Bradley Cooper in
    Wedding Crashers

Editor’s Note: The following article contains spoilers for the Fire Country Season 2 finale.

The Fire Country Season 2 finale delivered a lot of shockers and surprises. Nothing was surprising as Bode was not pulling a Bode and stopping Gabriela’s wedding as dramatically as fans would have anticipated. The idea of Bode objecting to the marriage in front of everyone appeared appealing, and the creatives thought about it. Like Max Thieriot told Collider’s Christina Radish in an interview discussing the season finale, they decided to go with something different. They knew the dramatic interruption would thrill some viewers, but it has also been done in other shows and movies, and Fire Country always tries to do things differently. He talked about how Bode’s restraint showed growth on his part, and it was a positive thing for him to avoid raining on someone’s parade. Thieriot spoke about that decision, saying,

“I think that him saying, ‘I object,’ and running up there would have been the thing that we’ve seen a million times. I’m sure, in part, the audience is dying for that to happen. But I think at the same time, it shows that Bode has had a lot of growth as a character, and when he hears Manny say, “She’s really happy,” you see him actually hear that. Even though he’s dying inside, the one thing that he has said over and over again that he wants is her happiness.”

Bode’s Not What’s Best For Gabriela

Max Thieriot and Stephanie Arcila laughing together in Fire Country Season 2
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Thieriot spoke about Bode’s state of being and how that affected his decision-making. He acknowledged that a lot was going on in Bode’s mind, one of which was his worthiness for her. Bode can’t help but compare himself to Diego, who wins by all metrics. That he didn’t just get out of prison gives him a significant head start. Thieriot talked about Bode being honest with himself and recognizing reality, saying,

“He knows even though his heart is there, he can’t look at her and Diego and say, “He’s not a good fit for you. I’m a better fit.” He knows he’d be lying. He knows that he loves her, but the reality is that he’s not in a better place than [Diego]. He believes that Diego is a great partner. I think that you’re totally right, that’s what he wants, but he knows that’s maybe not the best thing.”

Under what circumstances would it have been easier for Bode to interrupt the wedding? “If only he [Diego] were Bradley Cooper in Wedding Crashers. It’d be a lot easier,” said Thieriot.

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