‘Young Sheldon’s showrunner also teases which familiar faces might pop up.

The Big Picture

  • Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage
    will continue the
    Big Bang Theory
    universe, set one month after
    Young Sheldon
  • Characters from
    Young Sheldon
    may appear in the new series, with familiar faces like Jim and Audrey McAllister making a return.
  • Georgie steps up to take care of his family after his father’s passing, promising to be their anchor in this new chapter.

With Young Sheldon ending after seven seasons, the creatives behind The Big Bang Theory universe are looking ahead to the next chapter. Steve Holland was the executive producer of Young Sheldon and will continue with his duties in the upcoming Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage. Holland talked to The Wrap about the show, revealing where it fits in the timeline, if characters from Young Sheldon will appear, and any new characters fans can expect to see. He said the show will pick up one month after the events in Young Sheldon‘s series finale that saw Sheldon head to Caltech. “[It’s] pretty much contemporaneous,” Holland said. “It’s still 1994 and it’s Georgie and Mandy with her family and raising their baby in Texas.”

Young Sheldon features several beloved characters fans would love to see appear in the offshoot. Holland said that members of the Cooper family might occasionally show up to tell their stories. He talked about the characters being an integral part of Georgie and Mandy’s life, saying, “We love these actors and we love these characters, and they’re certainly a part of Georgie and Mandy’s life, so it’s our hope that this is a spot where they can pop up from time to time and we can still tell their stories.” The new series will also feature new characters, but they are yet to be revealed. It was, however, reported by Deadline that two familiar faces would return for the spinoff. Fans already know Jim and Audrey McAllister. Will Sasso and Rachel Bay Jones will reprise their characters in Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage.

Georgie Takes Over Family Duties

Georgie had to grow up quickly since he became a father. Gone were the days of chasing girls and hustling for simple pleasures. The responsibilities of a father forced him to abandon his carefree attitude as he focused on providing for his young family. With George no longer in the picture, Georgie must also take on the responsibilities of caring for his mother and sister. “You don’t need to worry. I’ve got everything under control. I won’t let you down, Dad,” Georgie promised his father during the funeral in Young Sheldon Season 7, Episode 13. Holland confirmed that Georgie will be the family’s anchor during this time, saying, “We also know from ‘Big Bang Theory’ that … after Sheldon went away to college and dad died that Georgie stepped up and helped his mom and sister through those moments.”

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Young Sheldon

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