• The Garfield Movie
    grossed $10.3 million internationally this weekend.
  • That brings its cumulative box office total to $49 million before the movie even opens in the U.S.
  • This total has earned back more than 80% of the movie’s reported $60 million production budget.

The Garfield Movie has nearly made back its entire budget before opening in domestic theaters. The animated feature from Sony Pictures stars Chris Pratt as the voice of the iconic orange cat, who reunites with his father Vic (Samuel L. Jackson) over the course of a new big-screen adventure. The star-studded voice cast also includes Nicholas Hoult as Jon Arbuckle and Harvey Guillén as Odie. The 2024 Garfield movie premiered in certain international markets on May 1, though its domestic release is not set until the end of the month, over the Memorial Day holiday weekend in the U.S.

Per Deadline, The Garfield Movie has grossed an additional $10.3 million in international theaters this weekend, which is its third in various overseas markets, bringing its cumulative international total to $49 million. As the movie reportedly comes with a $60 million price tag, it has already made back more than 80% of its production budget before ever opening in the U.S. It also has several major international markets in which it has yet to open, including Japan, France, and the United Kingdom.

Will Garfield Do As Well At The Domestic Box Office As It Has Internationally?

The Garfield Movie Needs To Earn $120 Million Or More

Chris Pratt's Garfield as a cute kitten with huge eyes in The Garfield Movie

Because theaters keep half of ticket sales, movies generally need to earn back twice their production budgets in order to earn a profit, without factoring in publicity costs. This means the Chris Pratt movielikely has a break-even point around $120 million, so it will need a boost from the domestic market. It remains to be seen if this is possible, but precedent may offer some insight into the movie’s commercial prospects. Below, see how international grosses have compared to domestic grosses for all three Garfield features so far:


Domestic B.O.

International B.O.

Worldwide B.O.

Garfield: The Movie (2004)

$75.4 million

$127.8 million

$203.2 million

Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (2006)

$28.4 million

$114.9 million

$143.3 million

The Garfield Movie (2024)


$49 million


Both of the original live-action Garfield movies starring Bill Murray in the title role earned more internationally than they did at home. However, the 2006 sequel A Tail of Two Kitties performed demonstrably worse in North America. Both movies had dismal reviews and currently hold Rotten Tomatoes score of 14% and 12% respectively, meaning that the 73%-rated animated movie might have a stronger chance of connecting with audiences. However, it seems like it may not break tradition and outgross these current international numbers when it opens over Memorial Day weekend.

With The Garfield Movie still needing to open in 40% of its international markets, its overseas total could easily rise to $70 million or more. If it follows the lead of the original 2004 movie, this could point to a domestic total of roughly $41.3 million. Combined, that would mean it would earn $111.3 million or so worldwide, which isn’t quite enough to break even. However, it remains to be seen if the movie, which features Pratt fresh off his billion-dollar Super Mario Bros. Movie voice role, performs better domestically than either of the previous movies in the franchise.

Source: Deadline

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